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Eight workers from the Girona City Council have made use of the menstrual permit that grants them a total of eight hours a month to reconcile the right to health and their well-being with that of work. The measure, a pioneer in the State, entered into force at the beginning of the year after the Girona City Council approved it on June 14 last year with the votes in favor of the government team (JxCat and Esquerra), Guanyem, PSC and a member of Ciudadanos, and the abstention of another member of the same party. The first months in force coincided with teleworking and it was once they returned to face-to-face work that it was put into practice.

Girona is not the only municipality where you can take a permit for indisposition due to the menstrual period. The municipal employees of Castellón can also do eight recoverable hours per month. This was approved last September.

Girona City Council has a workforce of 1,050 workers, approximately half are women and nearly 30% are of childbearing age. The purpose of this measure is that those who suffer during the period can reconcile the right to health and their well-being with work. For this they have eight hours a month, or the proportional part corresponding to the reduced working day. These available hours may be taken in minimum fractions of one hour and must be recovered within a maximum of three months. Of the eight women who have requested it, one requested a whole day, another 3 hours and the minimum requested was two hours. In order to have the permit, they must previously communicate it to the person responsible for their service and they can only be denied for a duly justified cause.

The second deputy mayor of the Treasury and Internal Regime Area, Maria Àngels Planas, believes that the administrations must be “reference and pioneers” in measures of this type. “It helps eliminate the taboo that surrounds menstruation, and the pain that some women suffer –we suffer-, it is an illness, not a disease. It has to be a good for women’s discomfort, ”she maintains. She is clear about it: “The administrations must lead and be pioneers in measures that represent fair improvements that will be followed by other administrations and also private companies.”

The unions present at the Consistory opted for “paid leave, with a greater number of hours and without being reimbursed”, but after negotiation the current agreement was reached. “It is not what we wanted but it is a step forward, a situation has been made visible,” says Carina Maimí from the Intersindical-CSC, who assures that “what could not be is that things remain as they were, you cannot go to work with discomfort and pain, in many cases objectifiable, that prevent effective and efficient work”. In June they will make an assessment of the first six months with the active measure to see if there has been any incidence, something that they do not know so far.

From CC OO they maintain that there may be more than eight women who suffer from menstrual pain and take a few hours, but perhaps they have done it as it could be done before this permit was put in place. The Consistory offers other options, “depending on how, more advantageous”, such as three non-returnable days due to indisposition (two of them do not need justification) and the “hourly balance”, which allows you to take a few hours to return, but within the period of one year.

All the conditions of the menstrual permit were included in article 11, which regulates the time flexibility of the Agreement/Agreement on Working Conditions for City Council civil servants and employees. The June 2021 Plenary gave the green light to modify this article, after it was unanimously approved at the General Negotiation Table on April 30, 2021, at the proposal of the Intersindical-CSC union section.


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