You are currently viewing ‘Dear mother’, premiere on Monday at 4:00 p.m.: the story of Zeynep, Nazli and Murat will move you

Get ready because it’s about to arrive! The countdown has begun. We already have a date for the grand premiere of ‘Dear Mother’ at Divinity. Starting Monday at 4:00 p.m. the story of little Zeynep will captivate you. And it is that this girl, who suffers from a serious congenital heart disease that is about to cost her her life at the start of the series, lives trapped in a lie.

The story of ‘Dear Mother’ starts with the death of Cemre, Zeynep’s mother in a tragic accident. From there, the little girl’s life changes. Her father, worried about her well-being, decides to hide what happened from her, but he won’t be able to keep her lie for a long time. Soon the little girl discovers that her mother has died and that her father is about to marry another woman. that’s when the little girl has a heart attack.

Zeynep’s state of health is very delicate but fate will want to play in her favor and cross her path to Nazli, a woman with her surprising resemblance to her mother who manages to calm her down with just a hug and your heart returns to a normal rhythm. Zeynep recovers but her health is still fragile, so her father makes a drastic decision.

Seeing the very positive effect that the meeting of his daughter and Nazli has had, Murat is clear that she is the key to saving his daughter so he proposes that for a year (the time necessary for the girl to get strong and be able to undergo the operation she needs) pretend to be his mother. How will the little girl react when she discovers her father’s deception?

‘Dear Mother’ lands on Divinity next Monday

With nothing to lose and worried about the girl’s health, Nazli accepts Murat’s offer without imagining the big secret behind her resemblance to the little girl’s mother. The resemblance between the two is not the result of chance or a whim of fate. Nazli and Cemre were twin sisters! Why had they lived apart all their lives? Why did neither know of the other’s existence? Will the truth come out?

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