The data of 21 million users have been leaked for using these free VPNs

If you have used any of the VPNs that we mention in the following lines, it is best to check your accounts and passwords because you may be exposed.

When browsing, some users prefer to do so using a VPN. This way of browsing, in principle, is much safer since it hides the browsing data from the web pages that are visited or consulted during browsing. But what happens when this is not the case? Well, the truth is that nothing good.

Today, quite shocking news has come out, and that is that 21 million users have seen their data leaked on Telegram due to the fact of using free VPNs. Yes, basically for wanting to be cautious and maintain total security they have ended up in a quite complicated situation.

How has this happened? The truth is that it is not something new, but now it has reached the general public. To know the story you have to go back to 2021 and visit the DarkWeb. At this meeting point for a sector of society that wants to stay on the sidelines, a rather worrying announcement was launched.

And, it is that, the data of millions of users was put up for sale. It was never known if someone decided to buy this data, but what has been known now is that they are practically in the public domain and anyone with access to Telegram can access them. The problem with this is quite serious. It has been Law in the network that has echoed this situation.

The data that has been leaked has both the user accounts of 21 million people and their unique passwords. We are talking about knowing both the email accounts, many are from Gmail, and the passwords to access them. Besides, by having this data they know the full names of the people behind the accounts.

What have been the free applications that have suffered this leak? There is not a single guilty application, there have been three: GeckoVPN, SuperVPN and ChatVPN. These three applications are the ones that have collected this data over the years and the ones that have suffered the leak, endangering users.

At the moment it is impossible to calculate the impact that this situation will have for these users. Hackers can get hold of the data and start phishing campaigns or directly take over the person’s account and, therefore, that the situation is even more complex to calculate and dangerous.

We will have to wait to find out how this situation evolves over the months, although If you have used any of these applications, what we recommend is that you change your email account passwords as soon as possible. and any type of application that you consider important.


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