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In some cases, the internet connection may slow down, and at certain times it may be cut off completely. The reason for these interruptions and slowdowns may be the fact that more than one device is connected to the modem. When you divide the speed of the plan you purchased by the number of devices you know to be connected to the internet, the result you get is the Mbit value per device. These values ​​are higher in devices close to the modem.

Seeing Devices Connected to the Modem

We may encounter internet outages in our daily life. Among the reasons for the interruptions in the Internet connection are the infrastructure works done by the service providers, the overdue invoices and the high number of devices connected to the modem. There are many ways to find out if more users are benefiting from the modem you are using. One of these ways is to look at the ‘ping’. Ping, which means the time taken during the transmission of a data packet to the relevant server, can also be briefly explained as the response time of your connection.

If you have observed an increase in the access time to the site you want to enter, the reason for this increase may be the users connected to your modem.

The ideal ping value varies between 10 milliseconds and 40 milliseconds. This slowness affects many things you want to do in your daily life. The most important solution is to end the connections of the devices connected to your modem. Ending the connections or reducing the speed of unused devices will allow you to reach the speed you want.

In order for the mentioned operations to be implemented, first the information on how many devices are connected to the modem must be accessed. Then you can optionally block devices or change their internet access speed.

See Who’s Connected to a Wi-Fi Network

There are a few steps you need to take to see who’s connected to your network. The first of these steps is to log in to the interface of the modem you are currently using.

  • In order to access the interface, it is sufficient to enter the IP address of the modem you have in your browser and add the information containing your username and password to the screen you encounter.
  • When you follow the step, you will see a screen where you can make many changes such as changing the password of your internet network, limiting its use and accessing the bandwidth settings.
  • As a second step, you need to click on the wireless tab that you will see on the page you are on.
  • After clicking on the connected clients tab, which is the third and final step, you can access the devices connected to your modem.
  • You can increase your speed by blocking the devices you want to be disconnected with the help of the MAC Filtering tab, which you will see when you expand the wireless tab.


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