San Isidro Fair |  The future and other times

Monumental Plaza of Las Ventas, May 11, 2022.

3rd of the San Isidro Fair.

Full of no bills in one of the most finished posters of the fair. Almost summer afternoon, perfect for bullfighting.

Six La Quinta bulls between 520 and 547 kilos. Well presented, in the type that this ranch has lately, with bulls, on average, above what is logical for Santa Coloma. Pretty plants and paints all in a line of bruises and interpeeled blacks. The first lackluster, second and third noble, fifth to more thanks to the temper of El Juli, sixth impossible and lackluster.

San Isidro Fair | Titans fights

John Jose Cercadillo

Acclaimed Mario Benitez in the third of varas of the third and second consecutive day of Ivan Garcia disassembling after a great third of sticks.

Morant from Puebla, dirty pearl gray and jet, silence and silence.

Julian Lopez El Juliturkey blue and gold, ear and back to the ring after two punctures.

Paul Aguado, of aquamarine and gold, silence and silence.

Einstein would have freaked him out. I have traveled in time. Neither the mc squared nor the wormhole are up to the Wellinton and a Morante unleashed. Light travels in time, it is a fact contrasted by distinguished mathematicians. Theoreticians and filmmakers absent this Wednesday in VelΓ‘zquez They missed the opportunity to show that it is possible to have breakfast in your time and have a snack on the same day 200 years ago. Checking Nespresso and social networks at dawn and feeling the golden age at the end of the afternoon is a quantum mystery that only bullfighting allows. A futuristic microwave that heats your milk while you wake up the day and a muleteer transporting the famous figure of San Isidro as a final after-dinner table are metaphysical experiences that you will never see in football. Morante, who is celebrating 25 years of alternative, full of symbolisms her fullest season, her strongest commitment to the resurgence of the party.

Master Morante required a humble and ancient car, or rather a cart with, in theory, horses that, for more antiquity, he decided to put on mules. Parked in Villanueva, in the astonished sight of taxis and other freelancers, he gathered the astonished gaze of tourists, employees, onlookers and policemen. Short chauffeur suit, wide brim and firm rein faced Jorge Juan little path of Las Ventas. In a fear under canopyin a route so classic that it is extemporaneous, in a postmodern stamp of zero carbon footprint, in an image that I am now almost remembering in accelerated black and white of deteriorated film of yesteryear, the hope of the resurgence of bullfighting was traveling at the risk of his first great afternoon of San Isidro.

Hotel of art and tradition and master of a thousand virtues, image of an ancient hero, fond of uncertainties, applause of ancient times. Memorable walk in those revolving doors, golden and limping that give character to Wellinton and that delivered Morante to the almost scorched heat of the beginning of May. Disjointed face, a faithful sign of a great commitment, the montera well worn, greetings in a low voice and steps like Yenca, one forward and two back if they let him. A couple of crazy Madrid traffic controllers, CIA sunglasses and with a reflective vest more than a bulletproof vest, folder and pen in hand and a frown in their eyes, stationed at the bridles, they scared me with the option of a fine and an absurd trap and administrative sanction for an unregistered car. But my apprehension of the official turned to admiration and respect when I realized that they were actually making room for a graceful exit of the bullfighters to the bullring. They proudly escorted that art on wheels that called for more cobblestone than asphalt at every turn. And in a journey through time that barely lasted 10 minutes, they faced that temple as Joselito did more than 100 years ago.

An art prolegomenon that with Morante on free rein seemed like an advertisement for a period work. It couldn’t be said the bull, which is the only one that resolutely denies the destiny that tries the will of man and marks the divine design. They said no from La Quintaand Morante, with his stamp, sent a letter to the future of his next appearance that I won’t be the one to lose, I don’t care about so many silly whistles.

Aguado collided with the wall of the high faces of Saltillo. The one that does not finish off the pass, that breaks down bullfighting, that dislodges the embroque. And in Madrid that is whistled with special discipline. It seems daring to me to judge the bullfighter position, sold in the second pass, without assessing where it was decided to stop the bull without caste. But in the surroundings of the seven they must think that everything that does not geometrize is the fault of the two-legged one, the one that dresses lights. Aguado could not show off what he has already shown in this arena and in thousands, that he is the finest bullfighter, the slowest and purest cast, the most ‘lucable’ sensitivity that the ranks desired. Bullfighter who stops time with a lance and a trench. San Isidro is going to be eternal for me until his return.

And in these iEl Juli breaks in. privileged eternal. Dolls that tame beasts, conviction that tames. Today the sublime of JuliΓ‘n unfolding the crutch had an unexpected echo in a square that sometimes seems that he thinks if the ole causes the effect that they do not seek to ratify a star. The one that sometimes they give away to elevate a new one. Today, absurd whistles aside, sounded that recognition. That bullfighter back who, screwing himself into the ring, convinces the bull and the granite of the Las Ventas stands. Curds today, a great miracle, from people who without prejudice well value decency. Huge El Juli exhibiting what bullfighting is. He would mark behind his Prince’s Gate had he not missed with swords. He left the front door in two cruel jabs. His story deserved the culmination of the ride on the shoulders of those who love him.

Great afternoon that has sown desire for three weeks. Hungry for the future to comejoy of the past. Bullfighters to see again. And a great gala atmosphere. They can’t miss it.

Monumental Plaza of Las Ventas, May 11, 2022.


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