“Los Niños”: Ethics Commission will evaluate on May 23 if it investigates six congressmen from Acción Popular

The President of the Ethics Commission, Carol Walls, announced – in dialogue with El Comercio – that on Monday, May 23, his working group will evaluate whether to investigate the six congressmen accused of being ‘Los Ninos’. This after the Oversight Commission send an official letter with the list of names of the Popular Action legislators who presumably would be part of the alleged criminal organization linked to this government.

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As Karelim López previously pointed out, the document sent by the president of the Oversight Commission, Héctor Ventura, indicates that they are congressmen Raúl Doroteo Carbajo (Ica), Juan Carlos Mori (Loreto), Jorge Luis Flores Ancachi (Puno ) Jhaec Darwin Espinoza Vargas (Ancash), Ilich Fredy López Ureña (Junín) and Elvis Hernán Vergara Mendoza (Ucayali).

(Official Control Commission)

Paredes, an AP representative, said that the Ethics Commission will not meet next Monday because it is Representation Week (when legislators travel to their regions).

He added that starting an investigation process and subsequently an investigation requires “the acceptance of the full commission.”

“Mrs. Karelim (López) has released the names. We immediately request (to the Supervision) – through an official letter – that the names be given to us in a formal way, as a result of this we will take the case by official letter or by parties table. We already have more supplies […] The proposal of the technical team will be to take the investigation ex officio”Paredes said.

He also explained that the group he leads handles the time for investigation and research work with “responsibility”. “All the cases that we take ex officio, before (initiating an investigation) we do the investigative work.”

“We are taking this issue responsibly because what we least want is to harm people. Although we do not assume the role of the Public Ministry, but we have to be responsible at the time a decision is made. We will take the work investigated by Supervision and the prosecution”, he added.

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For his part, Diego Bazán, secretary of this commission, stated that “probably in the next session it will be recommended to initiate an ex officio process. What will be voted on is to start an investigative process, which lasts between 2 or 3 weeks, if the majority of congressmen vote in favor, evidence will begin to be collected and if there is, if there is initial evidence, an investigation process will be opened.

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Last week, the Public Ministry decided to open an investigation against former minister Juan Silva and the congressmen who would make up ‘Los Niños’, in the framework of the Provías case, which refers to the alleged direction of the Tarata III Bridge tender to the company Termirex, owned by the Pasapera family and which would have been represented by López Arredondo in order to obtain the contract for the work.

The investigation covers the congressmen of Acción Popular for the alleged crime of aggravated influence peddling, “when it was noted that, taking advantage of the position they hold, they would have compromised with third parties and for that reason they would have interceded on the President of the Republic and the Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silva to favor the award of public works to companies of Chinese origin”.

The prosecution launched an investigation against former minister Juan Silva and six congressmen from Acción Popular
The prosecution launched an investigation against former minister Juan Silva and six congressmen from Acción Popular

According to an aspiring effective collaborator, ‘The Children’ would be related to the company INIP Engineering Integration of Projects SAC, which would have associated with China Civil Engineering Construction and China Camc Engineering CO to irregularly win millionaire tenders from 2021.

As part of the first investigations, the National Prosecutor reports the visit of a representative of the China Civil Engineering Construction company to the office of legislator Doroteo on January 13, the same day that a good pro was granted to a consortium made up of China Camc Engineering CO and INIP Engineering Project Integration.

The National Prosecutor also reports that the Popular Action congressmen involved register income to the Government Palace, where they would have met with Castillo. He adds that former minister Silva would have participated in one of the meetings.

This was also revealed in a report by El Comercio published in March, which reported more than 20 visits by congressmen to the Government Palace and ministries.

In addition, the prosecution handles information on six Provías Nacional contracts in which INIP Engineering Integration of Projects SAC participated.


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