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The City Council of Linares (Jaén) has agreed in plenary this Wednesday to withdraw the act of councilor to John Fernandezwho was mayor of the town for the PSOE for two decades, sentenced a month ago to four years in prison and ten disqualification for embezzlement of public funds.

Thus, the plenary session of the Consistory of Linares has agreed “by assent” of the groups of PP, PSOE, Cs, and IU the withdrawal of his act of mayor. Both Fernández and Juana Cruz, councilors of Linares Primero, have left the room before the vote announcing the challenge of this Plenary that the former socialist has branded as «political execution».

Fernandez received a bonus of 1,700 euros per month for seven years, which left a hole of more than €125,000 in the municipal coffers. In spite of the judgment of the Audiencia de Jaén, the former socialist recently announced that he would present himself as candidate for the next municipal elections.

boycott attempt

It had been Juan Fernández who, during his speech in plenary, requested that vote was not taken with the aim of requesting new complementary reports to the report highlighted by the secretary general of the City Council, while defending that the Plenary is not the competent body to execute judicial sentences.

“If someone thinks that I am going to hand over my act as a council member voluntarily, they are wrong”, warned Juan Fernández. «The town does not throw me out, you throw me out with a rigged sentence by political and judicial power”, the ex-socialist affirmed during his speech of almost an hour.

Fernández added that so far the City Council does not have a document “officially issued by the Audiencia de Jaén” urging the withdrawal of his councilor’s act derived from the execution of the sentence. At this point, he has defended the need for the City Council to request new reports about your case to determine if you could continue with the council act since the sentence is not final and it is appealed.

Reactions of the PP, Cs, PSOE and IU

The mayor, Luis Caro-Accino (Cs), has pointed out that the plenary session has been a “hard and bitter” procedure that has been reached, according to the mayor, after the PSOE requested that the date on which the sentence that condemned the John Fernandez. «it seems unfair that a person who has dedicated part of his life to this city, ends up in such a situation”, lamented the mayor, while criticizing “the unfortunate spectacle” that has been experienced with the holding of a plenary session to vote on this issue .

It was a report from the general secretary of the Linares City Council that determined the need for the Plenary to vote on the declaration of incompatibility supervening due to ineligibility of the councilor of Linares Primero Juan Fernández and also did so in this sense, without the possibility of voting against or abstaining.

From CILU-Linares, Javer Bris, has described as “embarrassing” a session in which “you will not have to vote because the Plenary does not have to execute anything.” He also the IU spokesperson, Sheila Carmona, has criticized the way in which the matter has been handled. “This could have been carried out in another way so as not to harm a person so much,” she defended.

From the PP, Daniel MorenoHe has addressed Juan Fernández to tell him that his vote would be “by legal imperative”, in addition to wishing him “the best”. “You can blame him for many things, but there is also a lot and a lot of good to thank him for.” “I wish him justice because he deserves it,” said the popular councilor.

For his part, the socialist spokesman, Javier Peraleshas defended that when the PSOE asked about the date of notification to the City Council of the sentence, the “public ridicule” to which Fernández was being subjected was not intended with the convening of a plenary session to withdraw the act of councilor.

In this sense, he has accused the mayor of being responsible for bringing Fernández “to the town square to be crushed” when it could “have been done differently, in private.” “It is unfair that in order to apply a sentence a show of lies and tricks», has denounced the municipal leader of the PSOE.

In addition to the spokespersons, there have been several councilors who have taken the floor to wish Fernández the best and regret that his departure has taken place in this way after having dedicated more than 30 years to defending the interests of the city of Linares.

Even Carno-Accino has referred to Juan Fernández’s 20 years as mayor, pointing out that his management had “lights and shadows”although “very nice things also happened to this city”.

Once the Plenary is held, the General Secretariat of the Consistory will request the Central Electoral Board (JEC) the credential of the next name on the list of Linares First.


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