Modeme bağlı cihazları görme: Wi-Fi ağına kimlerin bağlı olduğunu nasıl görürüm?

You live in a two-story house and the internet that comes to your upper floor does not fully meet your wishes. You are trying to run your business with a bad internet because it cannot give enough signal. In such cases, you need to use a modem signal booster to have a good internet. What is modem signal booster?

How to Use Modem Signal Booster?

It is not a situation that anyone would prefer if the Wi-Fi signal does not reach the devices you use and as a result you have to use a slow, inefficient internet. Wi-Fi signal booster can be used to avoid such situations. With the Wi-Fi signal booster, you can use your internet in a healthy way even if you are away from the modem. The booster, which also transfers Wi-Fi signals outside the scope of the modem, provides a much more comfortable internet use.

How Many Meters Does the Modem Signal Booster Take?

The modem we have is not enough for an efficient internet in some areas. You may need to use a modem signal booster for this.

Even if it is not a very good modem, usually every signal booster is at least 100 meters away. Of course, we can consider this as the worst case. If you have a really good modem signal booster, you can have a range of up to 15 km.

Using the Modem as a Signal Booster

You can use your old modem as a signal booster. For this, your first step is to reset your modem, which you will use as a signal booster. Then you can create your signal booster by connecting your modem to your computer, entering your IP address in your search engine and following the steps. It is possible to evaluate your old modems in this way. While this creates a quality internet experience, it also creates interaction in the area you want.

What are Modem Signal Booster Features?

We can list the features of the modem signal booster as follows:

  • It allows internet signals to be carried to farther points.
  • Although the device features vary, it provides a fast and efficient internet.
  • It provides both indoor and outdoor use.


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