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After everything that happened with his mother and sister, Hasan is unwilling to forgive Ali not let it go. After obtaining the weapon and accompanied by his friend, in the next chapter of ‘Gülperi: all for my children’ he will follow the trail that could lead him to the one he recently considered his cousin. Hasan is out of control and he could do something really crazy.

Gülperi has survived and what happened has completely changed his life. Seeing his mother on the verge of death for protecting him has definitely opened Hasan’s eyes. The fear of losing her has made him understand everything and has healed the wounds that he still had open. Hasan finally feels able to hug and love his mother again.

Hasan finally hugs his mother

However, the fact that his mother has recovered does not stop Hasan from thirsting for revenge. The young man is still looking for Ali to take revenge of him for everything he has done to his family and contacts one of the boys he met in prison to get a gun. In addition, she will also contact a family friend to help her find Ali’s whereabouts. And it will not be long before he discovers a clue that could lead him to him.

Hasan gets a lead on Ali

Hasan gets a lead on Ali

While Bedriye is still unable to confess to the police what they did to her. Her fear grips her and although Kadir reminds her that her statement is vital to the investigation, she fears that if she speaks about her her family will be killed. Nevertheless, Despite the pain they are all experiencing, what happened continues to unite them again with their mother, that he tries to convince her to testify without fear and not to worry about what people might think of her because of what happened. “Honor is in your head. You have a bright future ahead of you. The dishonorable one is him and love is about loving someone with all his wounds. You haven’t done anything to be ashamed of.”

For his part, Kader can’t take it anymore. After two years raising Gülperi’s children and considering himself his mother, he rebels against his parents. “I have obeyed all this time and look where we are. I told you that Ali was no good. My children will hate me because I obeyed you,” she tells her mother, who tries to restrain her from going to the hospital and trusting her father.

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