Good News: US employers pay travel expenses to abortion clinics

Good news: When the:die Employer:in takes over the travel expenses to the abortion clinic +++ Million record at art auction – the proceeds serve a special purpose

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May 11, 2022

If the:the employer:in covers the travel expenses to the abortion clinic

Rather quietly and secretly than usual with great fanfare, the major bank Citigroup introduced a new benefit for employees in April. In the shareholder report, the bank announced that “in response to changes in reproductive health laws in some states,” it will cover travel expenses in the future to provide access to “adequate resources,” according to Der Spiegel. That means Citigroup pays when employees travel to New Mexico for an abortion because the procedure is illegal in Texas.

For this decision, they promptly faced opposition from the Republicans. In Washington, conservative lawmakers are demanding that the House of Representatives terminate its credit card agreement with Citi. In Texas itself there are efforts to exclude the bank from issuing municipal bonds. The Disney group has recently felt a similar headwind: it had publicly positioned itself against the controversial law banning or restricting abortion – Parliament promptly punished it by abolishing a tax privilege.

Despite the looming consequences, other companies have decided to follow the example of Citigroup – incidentally with Jane Fraser as the first woman to head a major bank. The tech companies Amazon and Apple, the IT service provider Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the Internet portal Yelp and the jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss are among them. Tesla has had this regulation since 2021 – nobody likes to brag about it publicly because of the impending consequences. The investment banks Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are apparently still discussing the issue.

Nevertheless, the pressure on the companies is high – many therefore do not express themselves or position themselves publicly. Background: The Supreme Court plans to abolish the US abortion law. The law has been firmly enshrined in US constitutional law for half a century. The problem: surveys confirm that Americans have long been more open-minded about the subject of abortion, but the political and legal strings are in the hands of the minority. By changing the law, the United States would take another big step towards the Middle Ages, when women were still told what they could and couldn’t do.

May 10, 2022

Marilyn Monroe portrait auctioned off for charity

The hammer fell after four minutes. Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe portrait has sold for €185 million. Although the sales amount was a mere 30 million euros below expectations, it is still a record of the century.

The image of the former icon should be familiar to many. It shows the head of the singer and actress against a turquoise background. Her face is pink, her lips are bright red, her hair is yellow and her eye shadow is turquoise. According to the auction house, the work is one of the greatest paintings of all time. The picture was taken in 1964 after Marilyn Monroe’s suicide, explains Alex Rotter, the auction house’s art expert.

The auctioned picture comes from the collection of the Zurich siblings Thomas and Doris Ammann. In their estate, they had determined that the entire proceeds of the auction should flow into an aid project for children.

May 6, 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre becomes the new chief spokeswoman in the White House

Change of chief post in the White House – no, it’s not President Joe Biden. Jen Psaki, the chief White House spokeswoman, hands over to Karine Jean-Pierre. She is the first black person in the post and is open about being a lesbian. Jean-Pierre was previously Psaki’s deputy. “It’s fantastic because representation matters,” said Psaki. Jean-Pierre himself said: “It’s a historic moment and I didn’t miss it.” And further: “I understand how important it is for so many people out there.”

Jean-Pierre has occasionally substituted for Psaki at press conferences and regularly accompanied Biden on trips. She worked for former President Barack Obama and is a longtime advisor to Joe Biden. He said Jean-Pierre had the experience, talent and integrity required for this difficult task.

May 3, 2022

Donkey fighting tree pests

Bruno and Beppo are two of seven donkeys that have been taking on a special task for nature conservation for a few days: they are supposed to eat the grass on the forest floor and thus make it unattractive for grubs. At the same time, the long ears expose the ground for natural insemination. Bruno, Beppo and their buddies are deployed in the Hessian town of Griesheim. Just like in neighboring Pfungstadt, there is a problem in the region with drought damage and, above all, with cockchafers.

2022 is the cockchafer year. After three years in the ground, where they have eaten their fill of roots, they are now in their fourth year fledging to have offspring. In the first few months, it nibbles at the tender grass roots and then begins to attack the tree roots. Many trees do not survive the eating aria of the May beetle offspring, so May beetle larvae are considered pests.

You could have used a poisoned club, but Griesheim would like to take a climate-friendly path. A few weeks ago, an area of ​​about one hectare was covered with a thick layer of woodchips – this prevents the grass from growing and the pests from penetrating the soil.

The donkeys are now grazing nearby. The good thing about the animals: They have to eat 22 hours a day – otherwise life-threatening colic can occur. They are weatherproof and can be left outside day and night. And in the forest they are also protected from hot temperatures.

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