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  • Elif runs away from the Yörükhan house due to the refusal to let her out

  • Kahraman is willing to fulfill Defne’s wishes to become a father

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Elif is not going to put up with another minute of others making decisions for her. As if that were not enough with the death of his father, the arrest of his mother and the serious illness of his sister, now Kıymet wants Elif to spend several months locked up inside four walls. However, our protagonist does not intend to comply with the orders of the matriarch. In the next chapter, Elif will manage to escape from the Yörükhan house after a mistake by Murat, the security man that Kıymet has hired. An absence that encourages her to leave her home as quickly as possible with her driver to go in search of the young woman. Will they find his whereabouts?

Elif’s sister suffers from a serious illness

As if that were not enough with the death of his father and the arrest of his mother, Elif receives the worst news at the hospital. His sister little girl suffers from serious heart problem which could cause death if not treated as soon as possible. A disease that requires surgery as the only option to save his life, but that implies a large sum of money to meet medical expenses. Alone and helpless, Elif can’t believe all the bad things that are happening to her. “I’m not strong enough to take this”she laments on her way out of the hospital. Will the miracle happen that our protagonist begs so much?

Elif discovers that her sister has a serious heart problem

Kahraman agrees to resort to a surrogate

Defne’s husband has not been able to bear to see his wife out of herself after her refusal to become parents through a surrogacy. This has lost his temper and has blamed Kahraman for having ruined his dream of becoming a mother after the fateful night of the accident. An episode from which Kahraman has not yet managed to recover and from which he is still Feelings of guilt surface.

Kahraman agrees to resort to a surrogate

Kahraman fulfills the wishes of his family

With the support of the Yörükhan, Kahraman agrees to resort to that route to try to grant his wife the happiness she deserves. “There is only one reason why I accept this: for Defne. I don’t want her to be sad”, she confesses to her mother. The matriarch of the family is totally convinced of the step that the marriage is going to take and she only wants to hold in her arms the heir to the entire fortune of she. “Thank God he has accepted”, Defne breathes a sigh of relief, whose news has filled her with happiness.

Kıymet proposes to Elif to be the surrogate mother

The Yörükhan have welcomed Elif and her sister into their home after the desperate call to his driver for help. This, an old friend of his father, has gone to pick up the young women with his boss Kıymet and has told him the drastic situation they are going through in your family. The matriarch of the Yörükhan has agreed to host them in one of her properties, but it will not be in vain. Kıymet proposes to Elif to become the surrogate mother of her future grandson, the son of Kahraman and Defne, as an alternative to solve the serious economic problems of the young woman.

Kıymet proposes to Elif to be the surrogate mother

Elif can’t hold back her tears after the matriarch’s proposal

Nevertheless, Elif does not see that option as a valid alternative to guide his life and refuses to accept such responsibility. “Take your time to decide. We all benefit. Think of your mother, also your sister. Thanks to you, my son and daughter-in-law will be able to have that long-awaited child.” Kıymet does not intend to give up until she manages to carry out her plans to get an heir, while Elif cannot conceive of carrying a baby in her womb that will not be yours. Will Elif sacrifice herself? for raise the money and save his sister?

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Every day that passes becomes a greater hell for Elif. After the death of her father and her mother’s stay in prison, now her little sister suffers from a serious heart disease that can only be solved if an operation is carried out. However, the difficult economic situation that both young women are going through makes it almost impossible for Elif to pay for her sister’s medical expenses. But what will she be willing to do to save her life? The arrival of the young woman in the Yörükhan family turns her plans 180 degrees, although not in the way she would like. Kıymet has offered to help them, but not in vain. If you want to know what Elif’s life will be like from now on, you can’t miss the next chapters. From Monday to Friday, at 10:30 p.m., ‘A part of me’, at Divinity.

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