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Chancellor Scholz has made the fate of the German and European sanctions against Russia dependent on the will of Ukraine. That means Ambassador Melnyk will rule Germany as long as there is a Ukrainian establishment.

An analysis by Igor Maltsev

Ukraine, the Germans and Fascism.  From a mutual relationship

On May 5, the federal government’s website published a interview with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz for the magazine star released. And I tell you: It is a very peculiar interview, full of internal contradictions regarding military measures and European conditions. First of all, it shows how much social democracy in Europe has changed, how much it has betrayed its own programs and ideals.

The interviewer promptly reminds Scholz that, as a young politician, he was involved in organizing a large-scale demonstration of 300,000 people against NATO rearmament in Bonn in 1981 – the first of a total of three in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Chancellor replies:

I refused military service with arms in the late 1970s for a number of reasons that bothered me at the time. Today I look at things differently. Since 1998, as a member of the Bundestag, I have voted in favor of many deployments abroad by the Bundeswehr. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had still had the same ideas as 20 years before.”

Of the star provoked:

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have even threatened you in a telephone call with a nuclear strike against Germany.”


This is nonsense.”


When was the last time you spoke to Putin?


Four weeks ago. If there is anything to discuss, I will get back in touch. Our priority is clear: the fighting must end immediately.”


But that’s only possible with Putin. Is he available for arguments?


In any case, he listened to what we all had to say to him in the telephone calls and conversations.”

The Chancellor continued:

If an agreement is reached, the Ukrainian president will probably sit at the table with the Russian to sign it. The real problem is that we’re still a long way from that. (…) One thing is very clear: Ukraine is negotiating with Russia, nobody else. We are advising and supporting Ukraine, including diplomatically, together with other countries. But it must not be the case that others make decisions for Ukraine or about Ukraine.”

Here the Chancellor is simply disingenuous. The very decision to deliver heavy armaments to Ukraine, including 50 copies of the Gepard anti-aircraft tanks, is not only a violation of previous German policy principles, but a direct interference in the fate of Ukraine, isn’t it?

Then Scholz allows himself an amazing faux pas:

But he (Putin) will have to come to an agreement with Ukraine. We will only be able and willing to withdraw our sanctions in agreement with Ukraine. I don’t think many people in the Kremlin have grasped that yet. This has devastating consequences for Russia.”

The audacity of bellicosesThe audacity of bellicoses

That is, the fate of German (European) sanctions will now be decided by the Ukrainian “establishment” and not by the German government. Outstanding. First of all, this means that everything will be decided by the Americans, and the dream of the Ukrainians is that the sanctions will remain in place forever. Another reason why it is necessary that there is no longer a Ukrainian “establishment”. Otherwise, Ambassador Melnyk will forever hover over the Bundestag with a portrait of his beloved Bandera. And that would be quite a humiliation for the German state.

Translated from the Russian.

Igor Maltsev is a Russian journalist and writer, was and still is partly a columnist, political commentator and observer for numerous Russian newspapers, deputy editor-in-chief of Izvestia, first editor-in-chief of Medved, editor-in-chief and founder of the automobile department at Kommersant. He is a regular columnist on RT’s Russian branch.

more on the subject – Melnyk describes Scholz as “offended liverwurst” – is an ambassador allowed to do that?

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