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Cases of abuse and corruption continue to be revealed by those who headed the Service to Navigation in the Mexican Air Space, the Seneam; air traffic controllers with years of experience denounce that they were separated from their positions to hire people without the necessary skills to operate.

“I am an air traffic controller. previously serving in Seneam; This was until December 31, 2020, I was never notified that I had been discharged ”, said José Antonio Almazán, fired air traffic controller.

For six months, José Antonio Almazán worked as an air traffic controller at the Cuernavaca, Morelos airport control tower; accuses that he was fired after writing a letter, where he asked directors of the Service for Navigation in the Mexican Air Space, Seneam, to clarify the destination of bonus payments and overtime that they would have assigned to several air traffic controllers and that never they received.

“It was an act of corruption derived from a problem we had, in November 2020, regarding payments that were not made to 49 more colleagues and to me”pointed out José Antonio Almazán.

It also reveals that on February 18, 2021, he communicated, by telephone, with the national coordinator of Air Traffic Controllers, Raúl Gumercindo Campilla Gómez, considered the right arm of the deposed director of Seneam, Victor Manuel Hernandez Sandoval, and recorded the conversation; In it, the official is heard complaining to José Antonio about the letter:

-Raul Gumercindo Campilla Gomez: Let’s see, why did you do it? To make you more aware of what you did, where did the idea for the letter come from?

-Jose Antonio Almazan: The letter was being written, and well, the letter was just that, a request to the question we had about why they weren’t paying us what we thought.

-Raul Gumercindo Campilla Gomez: Where did that come from? Where did that part come from that we’re going to make a letter blah, blah, blah? Who came up with the idea or what?

Another air traffic controller, Arturo Jiménez Terán, who was recognized as one of the best radar controllers in Mexico, denounces that he was also fired without justification.

“I am an air traffic controller from the Mazatlán control center; 35 years of service. I was unjustly fired for abuse of authority by officials, for not wanting to resign from the Air Traffic Controllers Union without a certificate”Arturo Jimenez said.

Another nine air traffic controllers, who worked in the control center of the Mexico City Airport, with more than 40 years of experience, say they suffered workplace harassment in order to fire them, and their positions were occupied by inexperienced people, linked to the former director of Seneam, fired for the incident on Saturday at the capital’s airport.

One of them is Finley Bryan, with Mexican nationality. She says that due to the COVID pandemic they were sent to shelter and in May of last year they returned to their workplaces, although with irregular conditions.

“They receive us with exams as they please. They are made so that one does not pass the exam. They told me, you know what, you’re not fit. It turns out that after more than 40 years I don’t know how to control”said Finley Bryan, air traffic controller.

He says that since they couldn’t fire him and his colleagues since July of last year, they were confined to a classroom at the Seneam training center, where they go every day.

“We are imprisoned in a training center, we are there doing absolutely nothing. It affected me. We are going to therapy, because of the anguish or because we are continually thinking about work”said Finley Bryan, air traffic controller, at CDMX.

With information from Fátima Monterrosa and Fernando Guillén.


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