Cerrón participó la semana pasada en un evento de formación política de su partido. En la cita reiteró su objetivo de cambiar la Constitución.

On the last May 3, the secretary general of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerron, inaugurated a political training school for his party in the district of La Victoria. During a long speechthe sentenced former regional governor of Junín threatened to seek the change of the Magna Carta in a “non-peaceful” manner.

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“Since the party was founded, we have reaffirmed that there will be no changes in Peru if the Political Constitution is not changed, either through a peaceful or non-peaceful route, unfortunately”stated at the meeting, where the official pre-candidate for mayor of Lima, Yuri Castro, was also present.

Cerron also stated that the 1993 Constitution was not born of consensus, but was imposed “for a coup” and with the aim of creating a new business political class.

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“What is the Constitution in a State? The Constitution is the consensus of the ruling class and the dominated class so that they are not in a perpetual struggle. So, in Peru it would have to be the consensus of the lower class, the middle class and the upper class, who sit down at a table and can agree on what conditions they are going to exploit the poor class and under what conditions the poor class It will give the power of government to the ruling class”he underlined.

The Secretary General of Free PeruIn addition, he pointed out that the government of Pedro Castillo “is popular”, despite not applying leftist policies. However, he remarked that the President of the Republic is “corseted” by multiple laws.

“Rules that have been made so that someone who comes to power, even by chance, however they want to say it, cannot change things, so that the status quo remains. That is to say, today the President of the Republic in Peru does not decide things, he is one more administrator, the president will logically be one more worker without major decision-making ”he questioned.

Cerron He directed his criticism at Congress, referring to the fact that they have approved regulations that impair the powers of the head of state, such as the one that establishes requirements for the appointment of ministers. “[Estos] They are defense mechanisms, they have prohibited the president from making questions of trust as was done before “he complemented.

Last Friday, the Constitution Commission of the Congress sent to the archive the project of the Executive that sought the installation of the constituent assembly through a referendum. former governor He had mentioned that he had “a plan B” in that scenario.

anti-democratic expressions

The executive director of Proética, Samuel Rotta, considered that the expressions of the Secretary General of Free Peru they have to “be rejected outright”, because in a democratic system they should “have no place”.

“[Esta frase] shows a non-democratic spirit or intentions, they are words that have nothing to do with the democratic spirit that should be in political leaders”stated to Trade.

Rotta also believed that the president castle and any politician who respects the rule of law must distance himself from the position of the former regional governor.

“Ideally, it would be that the Cerron acknowledge your mistake and back off,” he said.

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For the general secretary of Transparency, Iván Lanegra, the rejection of the president castle to the thought of Secretary General of Free Peru It should not only be at the level of discourse, but also in concrete actions.

“It is important that in fact, the government shows that there is no possibility that it will follow this line”he remarked.

Lanegra affirmed that the words of Cerron “they are unacceptable”because in a democracy the leaders of the political parties “they accept the rules of the game and seek to change the rules within their framework”.

“An expression where a possibility slips outside the peaceful shows that this person has no commitment to democracy, that is very clear”Held.

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In this regard, the technical secretary of the National Agreement, Max Hernández, indicated that his institution rejects all types of violence.

“The first point of the National Agreement is the defense of democracy and the rule of law and we will always be in that. We, at all times, are thinking of promoting dialogue and consensus as the only ways to carry out politics”He told this newspaper.

Hernandez reported that so far “Regrettably” has not been able to talk to president castle for calling a session of the National Agreement.

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What do the criminals say?

Criminal lawyer Romy Chang explained that article 346 of the Criminal Code punishes the alleged crime of rebellion with penalties of between 10 and 20 years, which consists of taking up arms “to change a form of government” or “depose the legally constituted government.” or abolish or modify the constitutional regime.”

“The issue is how you interpret [las palabras de Cerrón], if you interpret non-peaceful with violence. Doesn’t being peaceful mean taking up arms?” he said.

Former prosecutor Antonio Maldonado pointed out that the figures of sedition and rebellion contemplated in the Penal Code “are very deficient.”

He added that at the moment he is only facing verbal expressions from the secretary general of Peru Libre, because there is no evidence that he is carrying out preparatory acts to commit the aforementioned crimes.

Maldonado and Chang agreed that the Police, through its Intelligence agencies, must investigate if people close to Cerrón are collecting weapons or training armed actions.


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