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Monumental Plaza of Las Ventas, May 10, 2022.

3rd of the San Isidro Fair.

Barely half a square, the shade much more curdled than the sun, in the afternoon spring and niceno wind.

Six bulls from El Pilar and Moisés Fraile weighing between 442 and 599 kilos. Very serious, great in general, high and offensive ahead. Varied in appearance, presence and behavior. Bravo first, an important bull. Third embedded with forms of meek. Fixed room and with more nobility than the rest, it lacks a transmission point. Fifth below in presentation of his brothers. Sixth with a good background, it was less.


highlighted Ivan Garcia with the sticks that montera greeted in hand.

Javier Cortes of catafalque and gold with white auctions, ear after warning and silence.

Thomas Fields of scarlet and gold, silence and silence after warning.

Francis Joseph Sword of light indigo and silver, an ovation that greets from the third after warning and silence after two warnings.

There were celebrations long ago that proved the power of confrontation of the bull with other irrational beings. Some left by legs, others could not even flee. Bull and tiger fights were announced in circuses, not so many years ago, and they lasted a breath. The constitution and the genius, the design and the size, in which our original aurochs derived, turned the irate vegetarian into a surprisingly effective weapon, the reason was never understood, who roamed Iberia. That king of the prairie, with his forehead as a flag, marked to every neighbor the distance to keep in relation to his more than irascible root humor. There was a lot of distance and it was, and is, a lot of character. Subjected to the reduction of the vital spaces of him, his reaction level reaches epic levels. And the triumphs of bulls in confrontations with the most corrupt beasts that human logistics could put ahead in small spaces are legendary. Perpetrated with ingenuity in huge coliseums with restricted access that required, upon payment, a ticket in front and gave economic sense to that combat-spectacle, to that fight of giants.

There has been no animal that has defeated this prodigy of genius in a fair face to face, this being enormous in strength, size and character that has kept with the mystery of his aggressive behavior the attention and admiration of the entire human race —regardless of latitude— from the earliest times and tribes, up to today. only chosen menprepared from childhood for such a difficult mission, accept the proud challenge of establishing their territories in the surroundings of the bull and bend their bravery to demonstrate the fact that, by brandishing full contempt for their own lives, they can maximize awareness of what they really they dream

A virus stubborn in separating people has sowed the most absolute panic without gorings

But this historical truth, with anthropological roots, a social trunk and cultural ramifications, has suffered an aggression such as was never expected. A bug of few microns and without sharp weapons has threatened these years to defeat the brave bull. A virus stubborn in separating people has sown without goring the most absolute panic among the performing arts. Those to which we go to nourish our soul in a shared forum that necessarily feeds back from the collective perception. Of the global contemplation and the contagious vibration that distances him from sport, the superfluous, and makes it special.

An acellular miniser, a biological ‘malware’, an erroneous protein looking for a place to park, almost finished with that admired god which is the bull since we call it Apis. It almost drags to the myth of the extinct, since it can no longer be seen, the energetic animal and the scene of its fight that for so many centuries brought together the exhibition of our strength, the supremacy of our talents and the infinity of our willingness and ability to demonstrate them. .

Two seasons without bulls

A virus has taken more bulls to the slaughterhouse than any bullfighter in years. Two seasons without bulls. Two fairs in San Isidro, based on reminders on TV and in the forums, cast serious doubts on the viability of this fair. That break in the habit of visiting Las Ventas, in times when it is difficult to prove a taste for the truth, even if it hurts, scared the shit out of me. People are sold to tennis, to the most orchestrated soccer, to the bike or to the beach, or to the sofa and to the video game. Two years without San Isidro could have been enough to make it history. In that when it is reviewed it is judged from the perspective of an identity pamphlet. Some in favor and others against, although they don’t even know deep down what the hell they were talking about.

But that has not been the case. The fair is back with a bang. Even Seville has helped. There is a lot of desire for bulls. There are more subscriptions sold. There is enthusiasm for Morante, respect for Talavantdevotion for Paul Aguadoadmiration for the Julycurious about apple orchards and empathy with Urena. There is a desire to see bulls and to see their power. Whether from Escolar or Victorino, from Victoriano or Jandilla, sitting down and watching that animal in its fight for life will bring together hundreds of thousands in the next thirty days.

This Tuesday has been a good sign, that path has begun. Tremendous bulls from Fraile. Genius, power and attacks facing determination and endurance. Firm Courteous in the first one that took you ahead if you didn’t see a crutch. neat fields, in his place, although the sword costs him. Y solid and formal Sword in a crazy challenge. The one to succeed without fighting a lot. The one to play a card, with those tremendous pythons, to be able to get ahead.

The bull beating the virus will be the best news. That giant winner over the invisible enemy. The Party triumphing over the void, death showing life and art emerging again, will consolidate a real world that is increasingly necessary, as its own nature is becoming, more inexplicable to consumerist simplicity and organized goodness. I trust that the combination of the return after two years and the well-made posters, of the desire, the passion of many more than a few, will give another new impetus to this stronghold of feeling that so many of us carry inside. And how much we want to express it.


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