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Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- With nothing to celebrate, but with the courage to find their treasures and much to denounce, the mothers with missing children do not celebrate May 10, Mother’s Daysentenced Mirna Nereyda Medina Quiñónez.

The leader of the El Fuerte Rastreadoras collective commented that more people disappear every day. The mothers, wives and relatives are the ones who carry out the field searches with little or no support from the authorities. Moreover, she denounces that “we know that many of the police officers are the ones who disappear young people.”

Medina Quiñónez assures that nothing can be celebrated because “we are mothers full of pain, we cannot stop to shed tears, but we must have the strength to continue looking for our treasures.”

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How has your life been since then?

Life changes us, nothing is the same anymore, we have a huge hole in our soul. I know that many mothers have more children, life goes on, but we live it with enormous sorrow, especially those who continue in the constant search for their missing children. Yes, we have found many bodies in these 8 years: since 2014, when our group was formed, more than 2,000 bodies have been found.

Since our children disappeared, we no longer live, but half live, since we only think about finding our disappeared, especially when we face an indolent society, a government that drives us crazy; Organized crime watches over us and we also face cops who work for the criminals, we face a fight against titans.

How many women are already in the group?

Since this group was formed, nearly 1,800 women have been added, but over the course of these eight years they have naturally moved aside, that is, there are those who find their children and no longer join the group. , but since young people disappear every day, the group remains at an average of 600 women. However, the list of missing persons is 2,500 people.

How do they finance the group of Las Rastreadoras?

Well, we do receive a fair of people who support us, especially from the municipal government; It’s not much, but they do support us. We had financial support from the Search Commission of the State Government, they have not taken that away.

Are there results in the investigations?

The investigating authorities have left us with a duty, since there is no follow-up on the investigation files. We do not have the support of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office, 8 years to date the investigators have not gotten their act together. They only pretend that they work every time we find the remains of people in the clandestine graves. When we find a body, the authority’s task ends there, since it does not follow up to determine what he died of, who killed him or who was responsible; there we are completely abandoned.

What project do you have at the door?

We are fortunate that we are going to create an addiction support center for families who have a person with drug use problems.

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Mirna Nereyda Medina Quinonez
-Leader of the El Fuerte trackers collective
-Place of birth: Guasave, Sinaloa.
-Studies: Educator. Graduated from Colegio Guasave.
-Career: Retired teacher educator.
-Social manager.


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