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  • Özcan Deniz, Hatice Şendil and Begüm Kütük Yaşaroğlu, protagonists of the love triangle of ‘A part of me’

  • Defne will have to resort to a surrogate mother to fulfill her dream, to become a mother

  • ‘A part of me’, from Monday to Friday at 10:30 p.m., on Divinity

‘A part of me’, the story told by love triangle between Elif, Defne and Kahramanthe Yörükhan’s favorite son, has already landed on Divinity. The opulent Yörükhan family has been released on the small screen with a real capitulazo that has left us completely captivated. Before the impassiveness of the Yörükhan that your favorite son Kahraman give them an heirit should take a drastic decision with his wife Defne: resort to a surrogacy so they can make their dream of becoming parents come true.

However, the arrival of Elif, the surrogate mother will put turned upside down the plans of the Yörükhan and it will start a hard fight when is it discover the big secret. There is still time for everything to blow up, but we must be very alert not to miss any details. But first, do we know who is who in this story? The time has come put a face on them and discover one by one the protagonists of this new Turkish success. Let’s go there!

Özcan Deniz as Kahraman Yörükhan

A member of one of the most influential and respected in Istanbul, Kahraman Yörükhan is a handsome and Young millionairehappily married to Defne. After an accident, he discovers that his wife is unable to conceive, they both decide to resort to surrogacy in order to have a child. Elifthe surrogate mother, will arouse Kahraman’s attractiondisrupting his peaceful life.

Kahraman YorukhanDIVINITY.ES

Hatice Şendil puts herself in the shoes of Elif Doğan

Smart, brave and determined: this is Elif, a young woman who lives with her humble family in the city of Antakya. After various twists of fate, she finds herself overwhelmed by numerous family and economic problems. Helping his own will be his main priority, so he decides to accept the offer of rent her womb to the Yörükhan in exchange for an economic consideration.

Hatice Şendil as Elif Dogan


Begüm Kütük as Defne Başer Yörükhan

The Kahraman’s wife he stayed barren as a result of the traffic accident that took place years ago and in which she lost the baby she was carrying in her womb. Willing to do anything just to have a child and become a motherDefne will embark on a path of no return that he will later regret.

Begüm Kütük as Defne Başer Yörükhan

Defne Başer YörükhanDIVINITY.ES

Gül Onat as Kıymet Yörükhan

Ensuring an heir for the Yörükhan family is the top priority of Kiymet, Kahraman’s mother. Therefore, the matriarch of the clan it implies personally in the search for the surrogate mother. In addition, he will play key role in events that are triggered later.

Gül Onat as Kıymet Yörükhan

Kıymet Yörükhandivinity.es

Metin Çekmez plays Ziya Yörükhan

Although the biggest dream of Ziya, patriarch of the Yörükhan clan, is to have a grandson bearing his last namedoes not want this matter to disturb the peace of his family.

Metin Çekmez plays Ziya Yörükhan

Ziya Yorukhandivinity.es

Hakan Meriçliler as Yakup

The Ziya and Kıymet Yörükhan’s firstborn can’t bear to always be in the shadow of Kahraman, his younger brother. Sometimes this irrepressible feeling sometimes influences some of their actions.

Hakan Meriçliler as Yakup


Goncagül Sunar is Sükran

From his marriage to Yakup, Sükran has had two children. However, the fact not having given an heir to the Yörükhan It leads her to think that if she hasn’t made it, no one will.

Goncagül Sunar is Sükran


Serdar Özer puts himself in the shoes of Maksut

Secretly in love with Elif For years, Maksut has been a obsessive man who will do everything in his power to achieve his goal: to marry her.

Serdar Özer as Maksut


Gürbey İleri plays the character of Kerem Serter

Kahraman loves his nephew Kerem, son of Maryem, her older sister. Behind the death of his brother-in-law, kahraman he has promised to take care of the boy and since then he has never broken his word.

Gürbey İleri as Kerem Serter


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