AMD Radeon graphics are renewed to fight against Nvidia, and promise to be cheaper

AMD has presented a new version of its range of Radeon graphics cards, which although they are not a revolution, they can change the market if the promises about their price are fulfilled.

And it is that the players have not lacked alternatives to enjoy their games at the best quality in the last two years; what they have lacked is money to buy them. The crypto fever has caused an exorbitant increase in prices, but the situation could be changing; the new units arriving in stores are getting closer to their RRP, and now AMD has launched a challenge to Nvidia with its new generation.

The new Radeon cards are not surprising, in the sense that they are versions of the existing models but with small improvements in power and efficiency; the names indicate it. The RX 6900 XT welcomes the RX6950XT as successor, the RX 6700 XT to the RX6750XTand the RX 6600 XT to the RX6650XT. But improvements, if there are any, and that means they can go toe-to-toe against the best cards Nvidia has to offer right now.

At least, that’s what the numbers captured in tests conducted by AMD say. The new RX 650XT 16 GB, the new top of the range, equals or exceeds the Nvidia RTX 3090 and RTX 3090 Ti in games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, F1 2021, Forza Horizon 5, and Far Cry 6. Even in games where she’s more underdogs, like Borderlands 3 or Doom Eternal, the difference isn’t huge and the experience should be almost identical.

This model is designed to play at 4K resolution with maximum graphics, and AMD claims to reach 78 frames per second in Ghostwire Tokyo and 74 fps in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. But if we want to take advantage of any of the new fast 4K monitors, like the LG Ultragear 27GP950, we’ll need more speed; That’s where AMD gets its ‘ace up the sleeve’, the Super Resolution technology that allows you to run games at low resolution and expand it to the monitor’s native resolution. In Destiny 2, this way the RX 6950 XT goes from 111fps to a whopping 163fps with no appreciable loss of image quality.

Therefore, AMD believes that the true comparison comes when the technologies of both companies are used. In their tests, the RTX 3090 with Resizable BAR and proprietary image scaling fell far behind the RX 6950 XT with Smart Access Memory and Super Resolution, topping 200fps in games like Doom Eternal and Fortnite. In addition, the AMD option consumes a little less, 335 W.

The new 12 GB RX 6750 XT, on the other hand, aims at 1440p resolution and therefore it is more mid-range. Its rival is Nvidia’s RTX 3070, which it also equals or exceeds depending on the game according to AMD, although in this case it confesses that the differences are very small, and that its model consumes a little more, 250 W.

Finally, the new 8GB RX 6650 XT is the model designed for gaming. 1080p to current games with everything maxed out, reaching 60 frames per second in demanding games like Metro Exodus or Red Dead Redemption 2. AMD pits it against the RTX 3060, and this is where we find the biggest performance differences, being able to take advantage of fast monitors by reaching and beat 144fps in games like F1 2021 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider at this low resolution.

Cheaper, according to AMD

But the real key, the real reason why AMD seems to have relaunched these graphics cards, is the price. The RX 6950 XT will cost $1,099, well below the $1,799 for the RTX 3090 and the $1,999 for the RTX 30909 Ti. The mid-range option, the RX 6750 XT, will cost $549 versus $718 for the RTX 3070, and the RX 6650 XTR will cost $399 versus $500 for the RTX 3060. It looks like a comparison with a clear winner. , But things are not so simple.

It must be said that here AMD has “cheated” a bit in its eagerness to make comparisons, since it compares the PVP of its models with the real price in stores of Nvidia graphics. They are two completely different things, as we have unfortunately seen due to the increase in demand; no graphics card is at its PVP today, but AMD is betting that its models will be the exception, and that They won’t be as expensive as Nvidia’s. Hopefully so, but if not, we can expect to see many players angry at companies that seem to have prioritized crypto revenue (despite its volatility) over their most loyal customers.

The arrival of the new AMD graphics coincides with the release of a new driver, which brings significant performance improvements of up to 13% in some games, in addition to new privacy and privacy features. Radeon Super Resolution 2.0, the new version of the technology that enlarges the image to the native resolution of the monitor. The first version is already available in more than 80 games, and with 2.0 AMD has promised improvements in performance; in “Performance” mode, Deathloop goes from 73 fps to no less than 121 fps. Although, for the time being, it will only be available in that game with an update on May 12, more titles are expected to be updated such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forspoken, and Grounded.


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