What is VDSL splitter?  What does a VDSL splitter do?

VDSL, which allows its users to reach higher speeds compared to ADSL, can reach up to 100 Mbps in cases where there is no signal interruption. The installation is completed by extending the fiber line, which extends to the immediate surroundings of the house to which it will be connected, to the house via copper lines. The download speed in the residences using VDSL is 5 times higher and the upload speed is 10 times higher than the others. What is the use of the VDSL splitter, which is often recommended to be used with this technology?

What is VDSL Splitter?

The main purpose of the splitter, which is recommended to accompany the use of VDSL, whose English abbreviation is ‘Very High Speed ​​Digital Subscrber’, and which can also appear as a ‘frequency splitter’ in the market, is to act as a filter by making frequency separation, as the name suggests. The decrease in fixed lines day by day shows that there is a decrease in the supply and demand graph for such products.

The splitter is used when the telephone line and the internet in the residences where fixed telephones are still used are active simultaneously. Preventing unfortunate situations such as interruption of the internet connection when talking on a fixed phone is among the purposes of use of the splitter.

How to Connect VDSL Splitter?

Splitter that allows voice and data to be separated from each other; It has three different inputs as modem, phone and line. Some of the new products have certain symbols instead of these texts.

The steps to prepare the Splitter for use are quite simple.

  • The first of these steps is to connect the telephone cable from your wall to the ‘line’ input.
  • As a second step, add a cable with one end connected to the ‘modem’ port and the other end connected to your modem.
  • Finally, the connection process you need to do will be between a cable that reaches the fixed phone from the ‘phone’ part.
  • At the end of all these steps, the splitter will be ready to use.

How to Use VDSL Splitter?

After equipping all the inputs on VDSL with appropriate cables, your chances of encountering interruptions in your internet connection while using your fixed phone or interference during a call you receive from your fixed phone while using your internet will be greatly reduced.

You will observe an increase in the quality of your voice and the bandwidth available to you. In addition to most modems, you can purchase this useful tool, which is provided to users, over the internet, and you can prevent your voice and data from affecting each other and deteriorating.

Difference between ADSL Splitter and VDSL Splitter

There is no functional difference between ADSL splitter and VDSL splitter. Both serve the same purpose. The only difference is the name written on the VDSL splitter, which offers its users higher bandwidth and higher data transfer rate compared to ADSL.

No change is observed in the connection steps followed while preparing the products for use. The purpose of the ADSL splitter is to prevent the interference experienced during the internet access and telephone connection provided from the fixed telephone line.


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