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The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) tirelessly pursues that it is circulated in a correct way on Spanish roads with the aim of reducing accidents and avoid accidents. This vigilance increases, even more so, in the highways and expresswaysall this, with an unexpected fine from the DGT, which sanctions those who commit an infraction with large payments: such as the one up to 500 euros if you drive on these roads in the left lane either with up to 1,000 euros if you test positive in a breathalyzer test.

Another of the measures that must be complied with, he warns on his social networks, is to drive backwards and not doing it correctly leads to up to 500 euros and the deduction of 6 points on the driving license.

The traffic agency establishes in the article 32 of the General Traffic Regulations that “It is forbidden to drive backwards, except in cases where it is not possible to move forward or change direction or direction of travel, and in the complementary maneuvers of another that requires them, with the minimum necessary distance to carry it out”.

The standard also specifies that the reverse maneuver must be carried out slowly and safely after having noticed it with the perceptual signals or, in case of not having done so, following the instructions of another person if necessary.

The last point of this article reflects that on highways or expressways this maneuver is strictly prohibited and its non-compliance can lead to an unexpected fine. of the DGT from 200 euros and the withdrawal of 4 points on the driving license. This is so when the distance traveled is considered short. However, when driving in reverse for a greater distance and the circumstances are dangerous, you can be fined up to 500 euros and the deduction of 6 points on the license because it is considered reckless driving.

Exceptions for which you will not fall into the unexpected fine of the DGT

However, the body also details the situations in which it is allowed to go back, thus avoiding falling into the unexpected fine of the DGT for going back. This is so when not possible to go forward, turn or turn around. It can also be performed as a complementary maneuver stop, parking or when you want to join traffic after parking.

In these cases, it must always be done correctly. When starting to reverse, remember the rule RSM: look through mirror, signal and manoeuvre. To do this, when entering or leaving a parking lot you should not travel more than 15 meters or invade intersections. If there is poor visibility, it is advisable to get out of the vehicle to see better or, failing that, follow the instructions of another person. Lastly, you need to use the accelerator and brake pedals with agility because it can be vital in an unforeseen event.


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