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  • Marta Carriedo and Raúl Vidal confirmed their breakup at the end of last year

  • Two months after separating, the influencer accused her ex of having “disrespected her in every way”

  • Although he has remained silent at this time, the young man has exploded by the latest decision of the it girl

Five months after welcoming the world to Noahhis first son, Marta Carriedo and Raul Vidal They confirmed the speculations that there was around their courtship. “We ended our romantic relationship weeks ago. For Noah’s sake we have a cordial treatment and we will always try to think of his well-being above all else, ”announced the content creator, who guaranteed that this was going to be the first and last time she spoke on this matter.

Noah, the son of Marta Carriedo and Raúl Vidal, was born with complications

However, the influencer, fed up with her situation, spoke again a few weeks after launching this statement. “I have never liked lying, or cheating, or going out with a piece of paper, doing demagoguery or telling lies on my social networks, because Lies have very short legs”, He sent a series of hints to his ex.

“A lot of things are told around here, there are people who have more gift of words than others and have more capacity to cajole or sell things that are not, but I am happy because they are things that fall by their own weight and that in the end they see each other”, she was convinced that time was going to put things in their place.

Committing to go into details in the future, Carriedo, fed up with her ex’s attitude, continued throwing darts without saying his name once. “I am not going to give more importance to a person who really no longer has it in my life, who I have been disrespected in every possible way that may exist”, attacked the businesswoman, who affirmed that it was “unsustainable” that she sustained her lies over time.

Raúl Vidal explodes after learning that Marta has traveled without her son

Raúl chose to remain silent despite these accusations. However, he couldn’t suppress his pain anymore and exploded these last few days, when the it girl recognized that she had gone on a trip without her son. “I have mixed feelings about the little one,” Carriedo missed him, arguing that since it was a “super short trip and it made no sense” he did not consider it necessary to accompany him.

His statements seemed to be exempt from controversy, but when they reached Raúl’s ears, he opened a new chapter in their conflict. The baby, instead of being with her father, was with someone else while she was traveling. For this reason, Vidal, tired of these decisions, publicly denounced the treatment he was receiving regarding Noah’s care.

Raúl Vidal explodes against Marta Carriedo for the care of her son

Raúl Vidal explodes against Marta Carriedo for the care of her sonInstagram

“What produces mixed feelings is finding out through social networks that your son’s mother, who guardianship and custody has been attributed to himself by the imposition and force, has gone on a trip and you don’t know who your son is with. And do you know what feelings are found? Disbelief, pain and desolation”, exploited the 28-year-old, who does not know what else he can do to prevent further deprivation “a father and a son of the life they shared before the breakup of the sentimental bond between His parents”.

Raúl, who has spent “months keeping quiet about a cruel reality” in search of the child’s protection, has chosen to speak in public because he has no other means to resort to. “Why do I have to keep being patient? Every day that passes is a day that does not come back in the most crucial stage for my son’s development. I can’t take it anymore, the system is bloody shit and the one who hurts the most is the minor in situations like this. I’m fed up, desolate, dead in life”, he lamented.


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