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While preparing a presentation, textual criteria are as important as appearance. In particular, mistakes made in the writing part of the slides may attract attention during the presentation. In PowerPoint typos and hyperlinks are half-appeared with a red line. How to remove red line in PowerPoint?

How to Remove Hyperlink Underline in PowerPoint

The proofing feature in PowerPoint marks words and sections that it detects as incorrect. Hyperlinks are also marked with a red line, except for spellings, titles and numbers. Although there are no errors, hyperlinks with red lines indicate that there is a situation that needs to be corrected.

Here’s how to remove hyperlink underline in PowerPoint:

  1. First, click on the hyperlink and select the Remove hyperlink option.
  2. Enter the shapes section from the add heading at the top. Click on the rectangle among the shapes.
  3. The selected rectangle is dragged to the bridge where the line is desired to be lifted.
  4. Right click on the dragged rectangle and go to the format option.
  5. Of the two options in the Format Shape section, there is no padding in the padding section; In the line section, the no line option is marked.
  6. After formatting, click on the rectangle and press the hyperlink from the links in the insert tab.
  7. A hyperlink is written in the address box that opens and click OK.
  8. Finally, the changes made are followed in the slide show for checking.

Spelling in PowerPoint

While preparing any presentation in PowerPoint, attention should be paid to spelling and punctuation as much as possible. Although it is written carefully, it is normal to make typos from time to time.

The spelling checker in PowerPoint clarifies misspellings and punctuation. It is possible to control the entire presentation, except for the errors that are requested to be corrected automatically.

Here’s what it takes to control the entire presentation:

  • The PowerPoint file to spell check opens.
  • Click “Review” from the headings at the top of the PowerPoint page that opens.
  • Select the spell check option at the left of the Review heading.
  • After selection, alternative options appear on the screen that appears on the side for words that are thought to be incorrect. Wrong words are corrected by marking the correct ones among these options.
  • If an error is made on more than one slide page, it is corrected by saying replace all.
  • For words that the program automatically counts as wrong but are sure to be correct, choose the ignore option.
  • The add option is also used so that the word that the program sees as an error is not mistaken when used later.


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