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He is still 29 years old. She admires Margaret Thatcher, Esperanza Aguirre and Isabel Díaz Ayuso. She is from the PP. He defends liberalism. And she is from Fuenlabrada. What would be strange in all this? Nothing, if Fuenlabrada were not that “Andalusia of the PSOE in Madrid”, as he defines it, where the socialists have been governing for 43 years without interruption, “permeating -he says- with clientelism” the city council (it has more than 1,700 workers) and the entire city until the last activity.

Noelia Nunez is the PP spokesman in Fuenlabrada and deputy spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly. Ayuso chose Fuenlabrada to celebrate his victory on May 4. Snatching Fuenlabrada from the PSOE in next year’s elections would probably compensate for the entire election day of May 28, 2023. And the challenge falls on her, known for her successful debates against the entire left in programs such as Risto Mejide’s or for his viral videos in the plenary session of the Fuenlabreño town hall undressing Mayor Javier Ayala and his councillors.

Antonio Maestre and sexist insults

Noelia Núñez says that, due to her physical appearance, she receives sexist insults from the left on a daily basis. «They insult me ​​daily, but I don’t care. For example, telling me that I am the spokesperson for the PP for wearing tight shirts or being cute. Or tell me that I’m very hot… », she points out. Not just because of her looks. The left insults her for her ideas: «Antonio Maestre even called me a terrorist and he launched the entire Twitter left against me for admiring Margaret Thatcher and having a picture of her in my office.

It is the contradiction -he affirms- “of a desperate left in Madrid with Ayuso and Almeida, which defines itself as a feminist.” And remember Juan Lobato’s macho comment to Ayuso in the Madrid Assembly, a few days ago, when he snapped at him if he had asked Feijóo for permission to speak: «They are the most macho. The women of the PP do not ask anyone for permission. We are masters of our life. We do not depend on a man. We are not protected and we do not need any permission from anyone.

Monica Garcia

With a “lost” PSOE in Madrid, Noelia Núñez defines Más Madrid and its leaders Mónica García, Rita Maestre or Íñigo Errejón as “posh bike communism». He says that they don’t know anything that doesn’t go beyond the M30 and that these “posh communists” visit them like someone going to a theme park. «From time to time Mónica García comes to Fuenlabrada like someone who comes on an excursion, as if we were something worth visiting. I have grown up here and I break my face every day for Fuenlabrada, but we do not see them in the working-class municipalities of the south. They suddenly say… well… Let’s go see the people of Fuenlabrada… Let’s go on an excursion. She comes and they go ».

“Rebel in Fuenlabrada”

Noelia Núñez joined the PP when she was 18 years old: «At school, I liked to debate and there were only three of us who defended the center-right and we went beyond what was established. In other words, if you were young in Fuenlabrada you had to defend the postulates of the left. I have always liked to go against the grain. What is rebellious in Fuenlabrada is being from the PP».

It is the Fuenlabrada of 43 years of socialism, which has woven a huge patronage network -connected with other socialist municipalities in the south of Madrid- to easily give work to relatives and sympathizers of the left (parties, unions, associations, regional houses…) to the mode of socialist Andalusia. So much so that Noelia Núñez reveals that in the Fuenlabrada City Council “even relatives of Griñán” have been plugged in, the former president of the PSOE and the Andalusian Government, about to go to prison if the Supreme Court confirms the sentence of the ERE. “Here, everyone has a family member plugged into the town hall or municipal companies,” she denounces.

Javier Ayala: «Bad vein»

Noelia Núñez would be, if she manages to win and govern within a year, the first non-socialist councilor in a democracy and the first woman to lead the city. At this point, she returns to the machismo of the PSOE: «They have never presented a woman to the mayor’s office». PSOE feminism and from the left that, says Noelia Núñez, makes water in Fuenlabrada with the data on female unemployment: it ranges between 60% and 70%. Responsibility -for her- of a mayor, Javier Ayala, who lost the PSOE primaries to Juan Lobato, whom she accuses of “having an unpleasant badass streak and no respect for the opposition”: “The other day they called me a daughter of a bitch in the municipal plenary session from the public and did nothing ».

Noelia Núñez believes that «the economic and human potential of Fuenlabrada is wasted by the erroneous policies of the PSOE. Fuenlabrada is a great city despite the government it has». And she promises, as a first measure if she is mayor next year, «a fiscal revolution with a general reduction of all taxes dependent on the city council. It is not possible that with one of the lowest incomes in the community, we pay 140 euros for the number of the car, twice what they pay, for example, 70 euros, in Boadilla, which has one of the highest per capita incomes ».


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