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Svetlana Loboda and Natella Krapivina

Recently, passions flared up in the media space between Kirill Chibisov and Natella Krapivina, who was not very satisfied with the producer’s statements about Svetlana Loboda. She even sharply turned to him: “This is something running around all the media, posing as a producer and concert director, in particular, Loboda, and giving interviews. I want to ask a question to this something: “Mudila, who are you?” Do you think, impostor, under the guise of a career to build yourself on nonsense? You have zero chance!

Now, apparently, concert director Yevgeny Morozov will also be under fire from Krapivina, who revealed how much money Natella invested in Loboda and why she needed it …

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Morozov said: “Why do children need toys? She invested about 2-3 million dollars a year in Loboda. For Krapivina, these were pennies. Sveta would not have found a replacement for her, in Russia for sure. Russian oligarchs have never been interested in Loboda. And Natella’s acquaintance with the singer brought popularity. Well, who knew her 15 years ago? When she was friends with Arbenina. By the way, Diana introduced Krapivina to Loboda. A few years ago, they even had dinner together at a restaurant. What’s wrong here? This is a common story for Moscow.”

Despite the fact that Natella is no longer collaborating with Svetlana, she continues to stand up for the star
Despite the fact that Natella is no longer collaborating with Svetlana, she continues to stand up for the star

The concert director is also very surprised by the relationship of former colleagues: “Two ladies first rinse each other in social networks, announce their separation, and then smile at each other. They have a life relationship.”

Morozov noted that the performer without Krapivina had a hard time, because she was very dependent on her. “Loboda tried for a long time to find a new producer. Negotiations have been conducted on her behalf for a long time, because the working relationship with Natella and the infusion of money into the Light has ended. After all, Natella is very rich, she was a purse for Loboda, and Sveta needed a rich nanny. Moreover, she has two children, it is a very difficult time for her,” he added.

Producer about the future of Loboda: “The status of a refugee in Europe and performances in cafes for 2-3 euros along the coasts”

What the verbal skirmishes will lead to is unknown. It is unlikely that the stars will personally sort things out, since both Loboda and Krapivina were banned from entering Russia.

According to the materials of “MK”.

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