Judge Adolfo Carterin charge of the investigation case Maskshas accepted the offer of the accused louis medina to cover your bail: the rights that may correspond to you on the millionaire inheritance of his grandmother, the Duchess of Medinacelli. This is stated in a car, dated this Thursday, to which EL ESPAÑOL has had access.

As this newspaper advanced, the aristocrat made that offer to the Court on April 25. However still will continue to be investigated for concealment of assetsfor having emptied his bank accounts when he was already being investigated, despite the prosecutor’s warnings.

In his order, the judge recognized that the imputation for this crime —also for aggravated fraud, money laundering and false documents— is “merely provisional” and may be rendered ineffective when a Sevillian court, which settled the distribution of the duchess’s inheritance, reports on the amount that corresponds to Luis Medina Abascal and the status of the judicial process.

There is already a sentence in this regard, which partially estimates the demand of Naty Abascal’s son, but according to legal sources, it is appealed.

carter too denies that Medina suffered defenselessness attributing this fourth crime to him. And he reminds her that he carried out “patrimonial operations of withdrawals of money from your accounts after his statement on April 13, 2021 before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.” At the end of the interrogation, the prosecutor warned him. However, “the investigated party made his patrimonial provisions before a process of foreseeable initiation, as it turned out”, the judge decides.

about the inheritance of Duchess Maria Eugenia Fernandez of Cordoba, the magistrate also emphasizes that, before Medina’s offer, an order already ordered an investigation of the rights that corresponded to Luis Medina in order to seize them and cover the bail. It was the PSOE, appearing in this case as a popular accusation, which warned the Court about the existence of this process in the Court of First Instance number 12 of Seville.


The judge imposed a bail on Luis Medina to ensure the possible civil responsibilities that derive from the case Masks. And there are still 891,427.07 euros missing. A part of his assets has been seized. But, when tracing his accounts, the magistrate discovered that Medina only had a balance of 247 euros in the bank.

In this case, Judge Adolfo Carretero investigates the alleged fraud suffered by the Madrid municipal funeral home in the hardest months of Covid-19, allegedly committed in three health material contracts, in which Luis Medina and his partner mediated in this operation, businessman Alberto Luceño. Both charged hefty commissions for their management.

According to the complaint filed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the two “inflated” the prices of the orders and delivered defective material to the council or material that did not comply with what was agreed.

With these commissions —Medina received more than 900,000 euros; Luceño, more than four million—both defendants bought luxury goods. The aristocrat spent his share on a sailboat and two bank bonds worth 400,000 euros, of which there was no trace left when the judge ordered their accounts to be blocked. The ship, an elegant Eagle 44, was seized.

For his part, Luceño bought several high-end vehicles, a flat in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) and three Rolex brand watches. Several of the cars were sold a few months later.

In a letter addressed to Court of Instruction number 47 of Madrid, the businessman’s defense informed the judge that, currently, he cannot complete the more than 4 million euros that remain on his bail either. But he guaranteed that he will do it as soon as possible.


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