We have seen him as one of the audience’s favorite superheroes, a crush on Jennifer Lawrence, and as a protector of huge dinosaurs. However, few imagine that behind that good-natured appearance hides a quite controversial personality that has faced a real witch hunt. What are the reasons why there are people who want to “cancel” someone like Chris Pratt?

The first of his problems lies in his alleged homophobia. It all started in 2019, when she commented on the late night by Stephen Colbert, who belonged to the Hillsong Church. This institution jumped into controversy because in 2015 it described homosexuality as a sin. The scandal became so big that even Elliot Page asked him to express his position on it. Pratt’s response was categorical: that the Hillsong Church was not against the LGBT+ community and that “his faith was important to him, but his church did not define him or his life.” ”.

Here is the video of the interview:

He was also accused of being a white supremacist. Supposedly, he belongs to a community of people who deny racism, racial violence, and consider the idea that some races are superior to be correct. This unleashed a wave of hate, comments and memes on Twitter, so much so that some of his colleagues Avengers: Endgame They came out to defend him.

Robert Downey Jr. posted on his account Instagram:

“The ‘sinless’ are throwing rocks at my brother Chris Pratt… A true Christian who lives by principle has never shown anything but positivity and gratitude.”

Mark Ruffalo also supported his colleague through Twitter:

“I know him personally, and instead of spouting slander, look at how he lives his life. He is not overtly political. This is a distraction.”

The latest scandal to write off Chris Pratt

Finally, the last straw came a few months ago. In November 2021, the actor welcomed his new daughter, the result of his love with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. He did it with the following message in Instagram:

“Guys, seriously, look how he looks at me! I mean, find someone who looks at you like that! Do you know? We met at church. She has given me an amazing life, a beautiful and healthy daughter, she chews so hard that sometimes I wear headphones so I don’t hear, but that’s love!

So far, everything looks good, except for one small detail: the son that Pratt had with actress Anna Faris has faced serious health problems, all because he was born premature and weighed less than 2 kilos. For many, the phrase “he has given me a beautiful and healthy daughter” was a hint to his other son.

The comments on social networks did not wait. Some even reminded him that Anna Faris loved him in her worst stage, that is, when he was unemployed, with several extra kilos and his name was not worth it in the Hollywood industry.

The truth is that nothing is confirmed and everything is about interpretations.

For now, in a few weeks we will see Chris Pratt take over the box office, as his new film, Jurassic World: Dominionwill hit theaters in Mexico on June 1.

John Joseph Cruz I am one of those who always defended Robert Pattinson as Batman and can see the same movie in the cinema up to 7 times. My guilty pleasure? Low budget horror movies.


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