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For several versions of iOS, turning off the iPhone’s Wi-Fi and bluetooth antennas from Control Center does not do it at all. There are a number of services that continue to work even if they are disconnected from devices. Therefore, we may be interested to know how to turn off Wi-Fi and bluetooth on iPhone all at once, to turn both off completely. Let’s see how to do it.

What happens when you disable Wi-Fi and bluetooth from Control Center

Turning off Wi-Fi and bluetooth on iPhone from Control Center does not have the effect that many users expect. When we deploy the Control Center and we touch one or both antennae, they turn gray. This means that they have been disconnected from any network or accessory they were connected to, but certain services remain active:

As we can see, there are operating system services that are still running. Perhaps the most annoying thing is that the user thinks he has disabled completely both connections, but when a day passes they reactivate by themselves.

How to turn off iPhone Wi-Fi and Bluetooth completely

That is why many users are wondering how to turn off iPhone Wi-Fi and bluetooth as quickly as possible. Because the official alternative is to go to the settings of the iPhone, go into each of the connections and turn them off. The truth is that we can create a shortcut to execute one or both deactivations at the same time.

Here you can get the shortcut already done, although if you prefer, you can build it yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Create a new shortcut from your iPhone and name it Wi-Fi and bluetooth.
  • Choose the Select action from the menu and rename the options to Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and both.
  • Find the option to adjust Wi-Fi and add it.
  • You will have to drag it under the Wi-Fi option and click on Activate to change it to Deactivate.
  • Now, look for the notifications action with a bell token. Change the text to Wi-Fi off or something similar and drag it below the turn off Wi-Fi action.
  • Repeat these actions with the “bluetooth” and “both” options to complete the shortcut.

With this you already have a functional shortcut, although you can customize some more things to modify it to your liking. Thus, the name of the shortcut can be changed to “Turn off antennas”, keep in mind that the name you put will be the order you will give to Siri if you want to use the assistant.

Once the shortcut is finished, you can add it to the home screen to turn off the bluetooth and Wi-Fi of the iPhone in one touch

Notifications are actually optional. If you don’t want them for whatever reason, you can leave them off. In this way, the shortcut will go at lightning speed. The I touched ending consists of create a shortcut on the iPhone home screen with the shortcut, from the share menu.

Bonus: Use the back double tap to turn off the iPhone’s antennas

touch back

The Touch Back feature has been present since iOS 14 and is used to execute actions quickly. With just two or three touches, we can execute an iPhone system action or a shortcut that we have created and saved. It is configured as follows:

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings > Accessibility.
  • Go to the Play > Play Back menu and choose double or triple tap.
  • Choose the shortcut you just downloaded or created on iPhone.

I have made Shortcuts my RSS reader.  I am delighted with the results

From now on, when you double or triple tap the back of the iPhone, the shortcut for disable Wi-Fi and bluetooth antennas completely. If you are going to use it in this way, you may want to always execute the same option and remove the options menu. Turning off notifications will also speed up the shortcut.


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