In the end, the story had a happy ending and Lucas, the fan of National who had had his cell phone thrown into the water in the middle of the Bolso party in Buenos Aires before playing against Vélez, can now send WhatsApps and call whoever he wants: this Friday he went to the Los Céspedes venue, where the team trains, and Puma Gigliotti gave him a new, state-of-the-art…

It had been one of the videos of the week. In the middle of the party that the Nacional fans put together in the Buquebus that they took to come to Argentina for the Copa Libertadores match against Vélez, a fana del Bolso had his cell phone accidentally thrown into the water in full agitation. And as they just hooked the moment of the accident and the spectacularly expressive reaction of the victim, it took just hours to become meme and viral.

Lucas, the fan of the viral bag. Photo: @Nacional.

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The impact it had and the jokes made from this video were so great that even the Uruguayan club’s own networks published it with a phrase of encouragement. Seeing this, The official account of Samsung Uruguay proposed the challenge that if a tweet reached 10,000 likes before this Friday, they would give the fan a new cell phone.

The fan’s version of the accident

“When I arrive at the Buquebus, since I was half tired, I go to sleep for a while and wake up when I was arriving. I go outside to cheer on all the fans and it just so happens that a friend sends me a story that he saw me on Instagram and I decide to send him a video. Just when I’m recording it, the other fan hits me and I drop my cell phone. There, everyone offered me anything: cell phone, money, whatever. They were available and that was the most important thing,” said the fan of the Bag in a video that the club uploaded to their networks.

Happy ending for the fallen cell

The challenge was more than met and so, The fan of the lost cell phone was invited to the training this Friday of the first National team to give it to him and record a nice video of the moment.

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Gigliotti: double and cell phone delivery

The person in charge of returning it was fair Emmanuel Gigliotti, the author of the goals in the 2-1 victory against Fortín. Former Argentine striker Mouth He turned on for a round trip and told – between laughs – what went through his head when he saw the moment in which they threw the cell phone at the devil.

Puma Gigliotti was the figure of Nacional in Liniers.  Photo: ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP.

Puma Gigliotti was the figure of Nacional in Liniers. Photo: ALEJANDRO PAGNI / AFP.

“I saved your life, huh. Because they didn’t give you anything if you didn’t, ha. We told Samsung to see if one cooperates with me, right? It went well for you. You got one that’s good”, started telling him with all the wave the Puma. Of course, the fan linked an S22…

And then he started chatting with the fan:

Gigliotti: “Did the guy with the flare say something to you?”

Fan: “He apologized to me and worried.”

Gigliotti: “Like for a second he worried, ha. At first, when I watch the video, I was waiting for the one with the flare (the one who throws it) to fall. It goes by fast and I don’t pay attention to you. I see that the one with the flare was leaning on a flag and that another one is going up. I said, ‘No, they kill each other. These fall into the water. Nothing happened. I say: what happened here? I look at it again and see that you’re clutching your head. Something happened here. And the phone was there, heh”.

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