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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the United States has launched an investigation into the competition of mobile application ecosystems, paying special attention to iOS and the “barriers” they put so that their products can only be used in their applications. devices.

It is a fact that governments have realized the power that the main technology companies have had until now and they want to put an end to these monopolies that have been set up. To do this, countries are designing new laws that focus on practices carried out by these companies and that until now no one had stopped to think were abusive.

Apple is one of these dominant companies, which is causing it a lot of headaches, since, in recent months, new lawsuits/investigations by different administrations have not stopped raining, each one focused on a different aspect of the company. company activity.

The last to be known has been the investigation being carried out by the NTIA, after an executive order was issued on the promotion of competition in the US market, which, apart from encouraging competition, has the objective of reduce market barriers and maximize the benefit of users.

In this case, the US administration pays special attention to the iOS “unique barriers” that prevent both users and developers from using any type of alternative app or search engine to those offered by the company.

“The app economy is becoming a fundamental way in which Americans interact with their environment. Therefore, it is essential that this market is strong, open, innovative and safe, and without barriers to entry and growth.” Explain the executive.

Currently Apple has many open fronts around the world, among which the Digital Framework Law in Europe stands out, which is already investigating the apple company for various aspects of its activity that interfere with the principles of interoperability and application transfer. , such as opening the payment system or the web browser tool so that users have and can choose the ones they like the most.


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