The internal one in the Front of All goes through moments of extreme tension with the dispute between interlocutors of the President Alberto Fernández and his deputy Cristina Kirchner. This Wednesday, the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andres “Crow” Larroqueonce again criticized the Head of State and the policies promoted by Martin Guzman. “It cannot happen that the head of the coalition is the Minister of Economy“, Shooting.

Speaking to AM750, Axel Kicillof’s minister and La Cámpora referent questioned the economic direction and charged the pipe against the national administration, mainly due to the delay in certain measures. “The economic view postpones what for us is a matter of speed. A lot of time was lost, beyond the fact that there are positive things. The discussion is if we grow to distribute or if we distribute to grow”, he expressed.

In the same sense, he expressed that although “there are distribution measures”, these are sporadic in nature. “You don’t see a transformation in structural terms,” ​​he said, underlining that “sometimes it seems that they are carried out unwillingly or that they seem to be started by the positions of internal sectors.”

“This has to do with an economic philosophy that was not the one that was in the spirit of the entire front, knowing that what our people have been enduring since 2015 and then with the pandemic,” he added.

«The Minister of Economy cannot be the head of the coalition»

Immediately, he turned his defense against Minister Martín Guzmán, whom he blamed for the 2021 electoral setback and social unrest. “The truth is that what cannot happen is that the head of the coalition is the Minister of Economy,” he said.

“It is quite strange what has been happening and it was not the original spirit. The entire coalition cannot be held hostage because objectively it does not have representativeness”, emphasized Larroque. And he attacked: “You may have the support of Alberto Fernández, in any case it is a mistake, that a sector with a more moderate view wants to take over the entire political space is a problem.”


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