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April 25 FSB announced about the detention of a group of neo-Nazis who allegedly planned the murders of Russian propagandist Volodymyr Solovyov and some of his colleagues on the orders of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The investigating authorities have distributed operational footage, showing, allegedly, the moment of detention of the suspects, searches, as well as fragments of interrogations.

The detainees have their faces hidden, and tattoos with Nazi symbols are visible on their bodies (mostly people in shorts were caught on the video). The footage from the searches shows, among other things, Nazi-themed literature, related paraphernalia, weapons, cartridges, injection devices (the press release refers to the discovery of drugs), and also, apparently, Ukrainian passports.

During searches at the addresses of the detainees, an improvised explosive device, eight improvised incendiary devices of the Molotov cocktail type, six PM pistols, a sawn-off hunting rifle, an RGD-5 grenade, more than a thousand cartridges of various calibers, drugs, fake Ukrainian passports with photographs were seized. group members, nationalist literature and paraphernalia. Members of the criminal group give confessions about the preparation of the murder of V. Solovyov, after which they planned to hide abroad.

AT press release The Investigative Committee has additional details: six people were detained, and the murder was allegedly supposed to be committed “by blowing up the journalist’s car.”

The video contains fragments of interrogations of two or three people (their faces are hidden and it is difficult to tell if different people are shown in the second and third fragments). The first one (with the coat of arms of Nazi Germany on his chest) says that the weapons found during the search were left by “members of the Nazi group”; they needed it “to eliminate the pro-Putin leader” Vladimir Solovyov on the instructions of the “SBU of Ukraine”. This was supposed to be done “as soon as possible.”

Another person in the video says one phrase: “At the direction of the SBU, he gave, how to say, instructions, orders for the shortest elimination of Solovyov.” In the third fragment, the man says that “in the period from January to March 2022, he came to the apartment, where they discussed … arson of cars with symbols of support for the special operation, as well as military registration and enlistment offices” and “murders of people who carried propaganda”, namely Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitry Kiselev, Olga Skabeeva, Evgeny Popov, Tigran Keosayan and Margarita Simonyan.

The FSB claims that the detainees are members of the neo-Nazi organization National Socialism/White Power (NS/WP), banned and recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia. In the operational video, there are several indications of this organization. Firstly, it shows a book with a dedicatory inscription from “Signature Illegible.” After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, neo-Nazi-themed Russian telegram channels reposted statements on behalf of NS/WP signed with the pseudonyms “Signature Illegible” and “Red Laughter.”

Secondly, the video shows from a computer screen several materials that were published on Telegram on behalf of NS / WP, including a video with a paddy wagon set on fire. In one of the statements, NS/WP claimed responsibility for this “action”, for which the other day was arrested resident of the Kostroma region. Following the FSB’s announcement of the detention of members of National Socialism/White Power, neo-Nazi telegram channels featured an “official comment” by NS/WP with the words “rejoice early” – but without confirmation that the detainees were members or supporters of the organization.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first to report the planned assassination attempt on Solovyov, though without naming the TV presenter. From the president’s reasoning at a meeting of the board of the Prosecutor General’s Office, it followed that the assassination attempt, from his point of view, was inspired by Western countries that wanted to “split Russia” and “destroy from within”, “failed” in the information field and “turned to terror”. “Of course, they will deny this now, but the facts and evidence are irrefutable,” Putin said.

Later happening commented FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov. He said that “the preparation of this terrorist act was carried out by a group of Russian citizens, Muscovites,” who had already allegedly identified the places that Solovyov visited.

Vladimir Solovyov himself declaredthat, in his opinion, the case “is directly related to [президенту Украины Владимиру] Zelensky”, because he allegedly “directly threatened him, that is, he repeatedly mentioned [его] last name.” Solovyov said, as follows from the RIA Novosti report, that he was not interested in meeting with the detainees, but “if we talk, then talk with the customer.”

Security Service of Ukraine statedthat “with interest” I got acquainted with “the next “creative” of the FSB”, but “does not intend to seriously comment on the new fantasies of the Russian special services, which simply come up with yet another achievement for the Russian audience.”

Soloviev is not public figure, but an ordinary propagandist – the Russian analogue of Goebbels – who will definitely answer for his crimes in international courts after the victory of Ukraine, ”the message says. The service rejected allegations of an intention to kill Solovyov.


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