Octopus Bun here we come!
The trend hairstyle 2022 is ready in 2 minutes


The octopus bun is THE trend hairstyle of the moment – ​​well, we’re not complaining! Because the hair sits in less than two minutes.

We saw it once before in the summer, now it’s coming back with a vengeance – and this time it’ll stay the same all year round: the trend hairstyle for 2022 is called the octopus bun. Don’t worry, we don’t want to put a real octopus on our heads for this, because the intelligent mollusks have no place other than in the sea (not even in the cooking pot!). Instead, with this hairstyle, our strands of hair become tentacles.

Our own arms have very little to do in the morning: the octopus is a variant of the so-called “messy bun”, in which the hair is simply tied into a loose bun with a ponytail. The new trendy hairstyle goes one step further: Here strands are not only allowed to fall out, they should even fall out.

So it doesn’t matter if there are swirls on the head and the hair has a mind of its own. Rather, they are tied directly into the hairstyle, so loose strands are expressly desired.

2 Minute Blitz: The Octopus Bun

That’s how it’s done:

  • Gather your hair upside down into a bun and tie it with a ponytail – not too tight!
  • It can stay loose. That’s why we don’t wrap the lower hair around the bun again this time, but let it hang fringed.
  • The strands that fall out or stick out in other directions are not tightly pressed to the head, but left hanging. If there are too many, they can be gently caught with a hair clip or simply put in the braid. Small loops are expressly allowed to form and hang down on the head, because they are the tentacles of the octopus.

So the octopus bun is perfect for different situations: In the morning, when we need to be quick and we don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into our hair. And whenever we are stressed. Then we tend to tie our hair back tightly and strictly. Headache sufferers know what happens next. During the day, the hairstyle builds such tension that in the evening everything hurts. Here, too, the octopus bun is the hairstyle of choice.



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