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US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has invited ministers and military officials from around the world to a conference on the Ukraine war at the US air base in Ramstein – 20 countries have so far agreed. The event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday. What will be the topics of the meeting?

The US Air Force base in Ramstein has always been regarded as one of the most important hubs for the US armed forces outside the United States. But since the start of the Ukraine war on February 24, the military base has again experienced an “incredible meaning upgrade Experienced”.

A press release by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin now also suggests that Lewentz’ suspicion is obviously true. Because he invited dozens of NATO allies to a meeting in Ramstein in Rhineland-Palatinate on Tuesday. The aim of the meeting is the lasting security and sovereignty of Ukraine.

The further course of the war is decided in Ramstein

“Stakeholders from up to 40 nations will meet with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany on April 26 to discuss how to provide expanded and deadlier assistance to Ukraine,” the statement said Message from Friday.

However, the meeting is “not a NATO ministerial meeting,” but a gathering of those interested in helping Ukraine “resist the Russian invasion,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters. In particular, defense ministers and high-ranking military officials from countries around the world have been invited.

“One of the things Austin hopes the meeting will do,” Kirby added, “is to start a discussion with like-minded nations about the long-term defense relationships that Ukraine will need going forward.” They want to talk about “what’s going on now,” the Pentagon spokesman continued. “Obviously we want to hear from other nations what they are doing in terms of direct defense assistance and how that might change.” More than 20 nations have already accepted the invitation, but there are still no answers:

“The fact that more than 20 nations have already agreed to participate on relatively short notice is, I think, a strong sign of the United States’ convening power and the importance that not only we, but also these other nations, have on Ukraine’s defense needs in the attach to the future.”

However, Austin doesn’t have a “predetermined list of things” he wants attendees to do, Kirby said. Rather, he wanted to “hear from the allies and partners and from the Ukrainians themselves what they are doing and what they will need in the future.” According to Kirby, Austin will address the press after the meeting is over to explain “what we heard and what we learned.”

The meeting follows a request from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that the US and other countries send heavier weapons and air defense systems to support the fight against Russia. Earlier, the White House pledged another $800 million in aid to Ukraine, including artillery, artillery shells, vehicles and even so-called kamikaze drones capable of destroying tanks.

Ramstein as a location for future important meetings

The US Air Force base in Ramstein is often the venue for important meetings between high-ranking US politicians and their foreign colleagues. Most recently last year, when US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his then German counterpart Heiko Maas (SPD) met at the base to discuss the consequences of the Taliban’s takeover of power in Afghanistan. However, there has not been a summit of this dimension for a long time. At the same time, the security apparatus of the base is well prepared for the protection requirements associated with the arrival of high-ranking VIPs.

The Ukraine war and the EU: guns, more guns

Only recently it became known that at the US Air Base in Ramstein in January for the first time common exercise of US Air Force Intelligence (OSI) with French colleagues from the Special Agency for Search, Assistance, Intervention and Deterrence (RAID) to train cooperation on “future real world scenarios” in “dangerous situations or areas”. A joint exercise by the two law enforcement agencies is quite unusual and, according to the US Air Force report, was also the first of its kind.

According to this, the members of the two authorities exchanged information on “tactics, techniques and strategies” to “protect particularly important people” during the several-day exercise. In addition, those present were able to exchange “best practices” for the protection of “important people” in areas with an increased threat situation as part of a non-public briefing.

The air war is planned in Ramstein

Ramstein Air Force Base is also home to Headquarters Allied Air Command Ramstein, the 650-strong international NATO headquarters of the Allied Air Forces Command. It commands the entire air force of NATO and has also been responsible for planning combat aircraft operations along NATO’s eastern flank since the end of February.

The Ballistic Missile Defense Command, the NATO command center for ballistic missile defense, is also housed at the air force base. The alliance’s missile defense system is monitored around the clock from the building complex in Ramstein. All information about approaching enemy missiles, which was previously picked up by ground and sea-based radar systems as well as by sensors in drones and satellites, converges at the NATO command center in Ramstein. In the event of an emergency, the ground and sea-based interceptor missiles are launched from Ramstein.

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