Mayra Sánchez, a 22-year-old student at the Faculty of Medicinedecided to get a few touch-ups and afford the expense of an aesthetic operation in Colombia in the hope of feeling comfortable with her body.

The student planned her trip, stay and postoperative time taking advantage of what is known as the “All Inclusive” plan, consisting of complete packages of surgical procedures, food and nursing care, before and after the operation.

The young woman lost her right hand and her left foot, after undergoing a cosmetic operation, which caused an infection and put his life at risk. Now, he reports to the doctor that performed the surgery and those who manage the “All Inclusive” plan for which he paid about $7,800.

Two other women died earlier this year, in circumstances that are still being investigated, but whose common denominator is: cosmetic surgeries.

Just like Mayra, hundreds of women decide to enter the operating room to remove or put something in their body, many of them give their lives without knowing if the surgeon is the right one, if he is trained or has a degree. EITHERafter, they are carried away by a lower budget.

Today choosing a trained surgeon is not an easy task, some Panamanians have paid dearly, their ignorance due to not knowing well in whose hands they put their lives.

But What should we take into account to know if the surgeon is suitable? How reliable are all-inclusive plans? These and other questions are answered by some specialists.

Recommendations for choosing a good surgeon

Oriel Melo Estrada (father), plastic surgeon with more than 45 years of experience and member of the Panamanian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (APCPER), ensures that it is vital that the patient has complete confidence with the doctor before performing the procedure.

“That he has the confidence to surrender his body and even his life in the hands of the doctor, The main thing is that there is that click, that empathy to transmit the confidence to do the job,” said the specialist.

He added that one should not be afraid to ask doctors if they are suitable, as well as talk with other patients to find out how their process was.

“A person before undergoing a cosmetic surgery should know that there is an association, which can be consulted, to find out which doctors they belong to, that they are up-to-date and certified.

It is also essential to ask questions such as: doctor, do you really have a degree?, and contact patients of the chosen doctor and openly ask them how was their surgery (success or failure)? If they were satisfied? The one who asks the least is wrong”, he sentenced.

Operations and costs in Panama

Melo mentioned that in Panama, the most common aesthetic procedures are breast augmentation, liposuction, liposculpture and lipoabdominoplasty.

According to the specialist, many Panamanians decide to have surgery abroad due to the high costs that occur in the country, and this is because the medicines and products they use are correct, unlike the famous all-inclusive plans. something you don’t agree with.

You are aware that the costs in Panama are higher, because the medicines or products to be used are first class, It is not the one that is defeated. Abroad, the costs are lower, but they come with more complications and then they have to pay more than they spent,” said Melo.

“I don’t believe in all-inclusive plans, nor in ‘susu’, that tomorrow you pay two or three dollars. If the patient comes, I give him the budget for everything, each patient has his own price… Sometimes they go to Colombia or Venezuela, which are the lowest costs and that operate in sanatoriums that are not so suitable and all that at a low cost”.

Experiences- All Inclusive Plans

Another of those who has experienced first-hand the results of working with “all-inclusive” plans has been the artist of the urban genre, Doris Music, who confessed, had complications in her aesthetic procedure. She dared to say it, after making known what happened with Mayra Sánchez; Liposculpture, breast augmentation, and gluteal lipoinjection were performed.

In several interviews, she commented that she had a lot of pain in her thighs and was hospitalized.

“I went to get my massage, everything was fine… About 15 days passed while I was in Panama, when the pain started in my legs and three balls came outin the massage room they told me it was because of the lipo on the thighs, and I ah… he never told me I’m going to remove mass from the thighs… I had collections, I had pus in various places”, he confessed in an interview with the lawyer W. Ortega.

Currently, the Public Ministry maintains an investigation into the death of the two womenThey were allegedly victims of malpractice.


The Panamanian surgeon pointed out that in Panama there are cases of people with biopolymers, but in his case he has not answered so often.

“Biopolymers is a filler that is not compatible, people apply it to the buttocks, then they have problems with how to remove it, and there will be a reaction, which can be in three days, months, a year… it is placed at different depths, between the fat… that’s why he says I’m going to expel pus, it’s a very serious problem, and since I don’t know how to remove it, I do it with liposuction, as much as I can, but it always remains…. Not very often, but they have reached me”he highlighted.

On complicated cases, the doctor, with shocking photographs, showed “Crítica” as some patients arrive with disasters in their breasts, buttocks and abdomen.

“I have treated many cases with complications serious that they cost a lot to repair to avoid a death”, manifested.

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