Information has recently appeared in the national press to show that employment has recovered over the course of this year, coming to be in equal or better conditions than those that existed two years ago, when the most acute phase of the economic crisis began. , health and politics that characterized the year 2020.

But the reality of things shows that there is nothing to celebrate. According to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the number of employed people in the quarter from December 2019 to February 2020 was 9,063.37 people. In the same period of the years 2021 and 2022 –December to February–, which are the last published by the INE, the number of employed has fallen to 8,768.64 people. Approximately 300 thousand people less, despite the fact that the population has increased in those two years for demographic reasons. We are not, therefore, the same as before the crisis. We are worse.

The labor force, which is the sum of the employed plus the unemployed, also decreased, passing, in the indicated periods, separated by two years, from 9,831.25 people to 9,479.46 people. In other words, there are fewer people present in the labor market, either as employed or as unemployed.

People who are out of the labor force, that is, those who are of working age but do not have a job and are not looking for one, went from 5,739.11 to 6,537.96 people. In other words, there are approximately 800 thousand people who are potentially active, but who stay at home.

Among the 8,768.64 employed persons are included those who are working in informal conditions, which in the two years considered went from 2,610.25 people to 2,438.92, that is to say, a decrease of approximately 180 thousand people, who have stopped working. be in informal conditions, but not because they have gone on to work in formal jobs, but because they have become part of that mass of people who are outside the labor force. Eventually, in their homes.

In short, today we have fewer employed people, less labor force and more people who, being able to work, stay at home, to all of which is added a millionaire number of informal workers.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in this situation can be attributed to the current government. It’s inheritance pure and simple. But it is a very serious problem and deeply felt by the population, whose solution is part of the expectations that are present in the national political scene. It is, therefore, a task that has to be faced with very strong training, investment and job creation policies.

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