The Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has made educational material available to schools in the Community of Madrid to complete the ESO and Baccalaureate curricula prepared by the Government of Pedro Sánchez and which leave out the entire history of Spain prior to 1812. Thus, Among other things, the students from Madrid will learn about the evangelization of America or the circumnavigation of the world by Magellan and Elcano.

OKDIARIO has had access to the Multidisciplinary Didactic Guide for ESO and Baccalaureate Students prepared by the Subdirectorate General for Innovation and Training Programs of the Ministry of Education that the Executive of Ayuso has provided to the educational centers of the region together with the documentary Spain: the first globalization.

This is a documentary directed by Jose Luis Lopez Linares in which “new readings on the historical period that began in the reign of the Catholic Monarchs, the discovery of America and the subsequent evolution of the history of Spain, dismantling the black legend” are offered.

Along with the documentary itself, the department led by Enrique Ossorio will deliver this guide to schools, which “is intended to be useful material for teachers to analyze and reflect with students on what these three centuries of exchange have meant, not only from the point of view of history, but integrating everything that this expansion of Spain through the sea meant at a global level».

The manual raises topics for reflection for teachers to carry out with students, based on the concepts addressed in the documentary, such as, for example, religion.

On this point, he points out that «the Christian religion was very present in the cultural evolution of the new Hispanic territories in the Americas» and underlines that «in a evangelization processthe inhabitants of the new possessions were integrated into the viceroyalties, with the same rights and duties as the rest of the subjects of the Hispanic Monarchy».

In addition, it explains that “the Spanish Inquisition was an institution created by means of a bull issued by Pope Sixtus IV at the request of the Catholic Monarchs, in the year 1480, in order to combat heresies and preserve the orthodoxy of the Catholic faith in their territories. , including groceries’.

On the other hand, the guide recalls that “from the circumnavigation of Magellan and Elcano, the geometric pattern of parallels and meridians that will determine the longitude and latitude on the maps is configured.”

Other topics that the guide proposes to reflect on in Madrid schools are music, natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics and economics, philosophy and ethics, technology and the Spanish language.

“The documentary Spain, the first globalization allows to analyze a period of the history of Spain from a multidisciplinary vision. In order to reach Asia, it was necessary to integrate knowledge from various disciplines. The exchange it involved allowed access to scientific innovations, new urban, economic and cultural structures that surpassed the limits of what was known in Western Europe. These influences have been forging our character and historical evolution », he points out.

The guide’s educational objectives are to analyze the history of Spain dismantling the black legend, discuss how the discovery of America and trade travel with the East influenced the configuration of the world today, investigate the scientific advances that were necessary to carry out the voyages across the sea, reflect on the mutual influences that occurred between the peninsula and the territories discovered by Spain from a global perspective and identify the sociopolitical framework that existed in the fifteenth century and how it evolved in later centuries.


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