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In recent years Netflix has tried to stand out from its competitors in the world of streaming by betting more on a fairly varied catalog of anime. In addition to licensing some classics like the Studio Ghibli movies, Netflix has also been developing several original anime together with Japanese production companies that have left us with some of the most powerful series in recent years.

If you want to give the animes that can be seen on the streaming platform a chance but you are not sure where to start, here is a list with some magnificent anime series for all tastes and which are always worth giving them. an opportunity.

‘Violet Evergarden’

This anime series Kyoto Animation adapts the light novels of Kana Akatsuki and Akiko Takase and focuses on violet evergarden, an automaton that until now had been used as a weapon in war. Now that the conflict is over, Violet feels that she has no purpose in life and sets out on a journey to find new meaning for her existence.

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‘Violet Evergarden’ It is a series full of feelings and very tragic moments, but it leaves you with a warm heart. It also has a beautiful animation and finish… and if it leaves you wanting more, you also have the following two films and a special on the streaming platform.



‘aggretsuko’ is a series based on a character from Sanrio (yes, the Hello Kitty company) and after hitting him in a series of shorts he finally starred his own original series on Netflix.. Is a slice of life hilarious about Retsuko, a red panda who works in an office and who everyone fights. In order to deal with her day by day, at night she releases all her frustrations by singing death metal in karaoke.

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This anime has a very simple animation, but it wins you over very quickly thanks to its characters and it is very easy to identify with too many of the situations it poses. It’s already been 4 seasons, and the last ones take some paths that you don’t expect from a “feel good” series like this one, but it continues to raise the level with each batch of episodes.

‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’


‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ follows the Joestar family through different generations, beginning with jonathan joestar in the 19th century and laying the foundations for the very long confrontation against the vampire GAVE.

The work of hirohiko araki is one of the shonen that has gained more followers in recent years thanks to its combination of humor, action, twists and turns to the plot… and a very particular drawing style full of iconic poses. Unfortunately right now you have to do some guesswork to be able to see the series in full, with some seasons divided between Crunchyroll Y Netflix.

In the latter you can still see Part 4 of the series, ‘Diamond is Unbreakable’and the new ‘Stone Ocean’which will premiere new chapters next fall.

‘The disastrous life of Saiki K.’


The disastrous life of Saiki K.‘ (‘Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan’) is undoubtedly one of the funniest comedy anime that can be seen on the platform, and the secret of its success lies in the extreme exaggeration of its entire cast of characters and the ridiculous situations they end up in.

This anime adapts the “slice of life” with touches of science fiction from de Shūichi Asōwhich centers on the almighty teenage psychic Kusuo Saiki. Saiki has powers beyond imagination, but all he wants is to live a quiet and uncomplicated life, although he has quite a gift for attracting people who are out of the ordinary.

‘Cowboy Bebop’

Cowboy Bebop

‘Cowboy Bebop’ It is one of those legendary series that you have to see at least once in your life, and on Netflix you have the perfect opportunity to see the original anime (no, we are not going to go into the thrashing with the remake in real action). This series is loaded with action, charismatic characters and spectacular design and animationwith which it has become a classic of science fiction anime.

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the series of Shinichiro Watanabe is set in a distant future where humanity has expanded beyond Earth. Set in the year 2071, bounty hunters spike Y Jet Black they end up teaming up with a con artist, a pre-teen hacker, and a dog with human intelligence to track down and capture the biggest loot in the entire solar system.

‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion’

Code Geass

We continue with another of the classic anime that can be seen on Netflix and also in the field of science fiction, although this time we change the spaceships for wicks. ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion‘ (‘Kōdo Giasu Hangyaku no Rurūshu‘). This series developed from Sunrise takes us to an alternate universe where the British Empire has spread across the world and reduced the natives of the colonized territories to second-class citizens.

The main plot revolves around Lelouch, who leads a group of Japanese rebels trying to liberate Japan from invaders. In addition to an animation as incredible as everything this studio gives, we have epic robot battles, tons of political intrigue, well-cared character development with profound reflections on war and its effects on each protagonist.

‘Children of the Whales’

Children Of The Whales

‘Children of the Whales’ (‘Kujira no Kora wa Sajō ni Utau’) has been one of the revelation works of recent years, and the anime produced by JC Staff has given it the last push it needed with a beautiful and very careful animation.

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This story of science fiction and fantasy focuses on Chakuro, a boy who lives on a giant island known as “Mud Whale” and who moves through a sea of ​​sand. Neither Chakuro nor any of his friends have ever ventured beyond their home, but one day they find a girl named lykos living alone on a lonely island and begins an adventure that will change the lives of all of them.

Unfortunately, for now there is only one season of the anime and it does not finish delving into all the original material, but if the story leaves you wanting more, the manga series Abi Umeda is being published in Spain.



‘Beastars’ was one of the great additions to Netflix’s anime catalog with this adaptation of the manga by Paru Itagaki. CGI animation can take a bit of a backseat if you’re more of a purist of classic anime, but it’s a series that conquers with its reflections on racism and animal instinct, as well as the rich and interesting world that it presents to us. And yes, also with characters with whom you fall in love very easily.

At Cherryton Academy, carnivores and herbivores coexist in apparent peace, but things get complicated when an alpaca is found murdered and tensions rise between students. Meanwhile, a gray wolf named Legoshi meet the rabbit Haru and he starts to have some very complicated feelings, as he’s not sure if he wants to eat her or start dating her.



We continue with ‘Dorohedoro‘, the seinen adaptation of Q Hayashida that mixes dark fantasy and science fiction. This anime plunges us into the dystopia where he lives Dorohedoroa giant crocodile man who loves gyozas. It mixes violence and comedy in equal parts, and its extremely varied cast of characters ends up hooking you.

The animation combines CGI and traditional anime with a very well achieved finish and all the visual finish in charge of MAP finish getting you fully into this diverse universe.

‘My Hero Academia’

My Hero Academia

To close we have to talk about ‘My Hero Academia‘ (‘Boku no Hiro Akademia’), one of the great shonen anime of the moment encouraged by bones and whose first two seasons can be seen on Netflix.

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In the world that presents us Kohei Horikoshi80% of the population have special powers known as “gifts”, and society has been divided between heroes and villains. Izuku Midoriya He has always dreamed of becoming a superhero, although unfortunately he belongs to that small percentage of society without any power. His life changes completely when he meets his hero All Might, who is impressed by Midoriya’s great determination and potential and offers to inherit her powers.

In addition to giving us a few very interesting turns in the superhero arena, ‘My Hero Academia’ can boast a highly diverse cast of characters filled with iconic heroes and a spectacular combination of humor, drama and action.


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