It is possible that at some point your Apple Watch has been blocked and does not turn on, we give you a series of tips to recover it.

Smart watches are usually devices that make our lives easier when performing different tasks, such as counting exercises or managing notifications without having to take the mobile device out of your pocket. Although they are really useful, they can also have bugs.

These failures are different depending on the type of device, the brand that manufactures it and if it has suffered some type of mishap. Of course, sometimes the electronic accessory stops responding for no apparent reason and, before panicking, it is best to do a series of actions to try to recover it The best way possible.

We have focused on Apple smartwatches due to the fact that, despite there being several models, since they are all based on the same operating system, more generalized advice can be given. If your Apple Watch has stopped working and won’t turn on, let’s see if with these recommendations you can recover it.

Let’s see, this may be too simple and simple. But sometimes the device completely discharges and the battery drains to such an extent that when you put it back on its charging cradle, it doesn’t respond. In these cases, it is best to wait at least 10 minutes to check that the device is charging correctly..

In the event that it is not even charging and therefore does not turn on, there are two possible options. The first and the least concern can be that the charger does not work correctly. If this is the situation, it is best to try to get a relative or acquaintance to verify that the load is correct.

The new Apple Watch would notify you when it’s time to take the pill and if your blood pressure is high

If when checking that the device charges, but does not turn on most likely the terminal has been blocked by some application or system error. In these cases, you have to force the device to restart and the way to do it is manually. A combination of buttons have to be pressed for the Apple Watch to restart.

The combination of buttons to press is both the digital crown and the side button, both must be held down for at least 10 seconds so that the Apple logo appears. When the apple appears on the screen, you have to stop pressing the buttons since the device will restart and start in the following seconds.


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