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This Saturday they met results of the student elections of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) for the Student Center and the Board of Directors, where the ruling party prevailed in almost all the faculties. However, the closest fight occurred at the headquarters of Philosophy and Letters, where the center was left in the hands of the El Colectivo list, made up of La Cámpora, the Evita Movement and the political group La Mella.

Until Friday at 9:00 p.m., it was only known that the group La Cámpora had lost the student center of the Faculty of Agronomy of the UBAand the Reformist Front —made up of socialists, radicals, Peronists, and independents— had retained those of Dentistry and Engineering.

In this way, reformism takes hold at the UBA, facing the appointment of the dean of the faculty and the rector of the house of higher studies. At the moment, the space that supports the current rector Alberto Barbieri has a presence in 7 of the 13 faculties, and in particular in the three largest (Medicine, Law and Economics).

Student elections play a key role in the appointment of the highest university authorities. On the one hand, the students elect directors who are renewed every two years. From there, four counselors are chosen per faculty, who are the ones who participate in the appointment of the dean of the faculty and the rector of the university.

On the other hand, the students also choose who will lead the student center of each faculty. The number of delegates that each faculty will send to the congress of the University Federation of Buenos Aires (FUBA) also depends on these results. In said congress, those delegates who add up to 130 later consecrate the conduction.

Faculty of Philosophy and Letters

Student center:

  • The Collective: 33.11%
  • The Left to the Front: 31.69%


  • The Collective: 32.17%
  • The Left to the Front: 27.26%

Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences

student center

  • Identity (La Campora): 40.81%
  • FEM (The Nick): 27.56%


  • Identity (La Campora): 41.67%
  • FEM (The Nick): 30.45%

Faculty of Social Sciences

student center

  • UES (Front of All) 44.28%
  • The 15 (Front of All): 35.43%

law School

Student Center and Board of Directors:

  • Reformist Center and PS 52.54%
  • La Centeno- Collective Action (FdT): 36.06%

Faculty of Psychology

Student Center:

  • Edi (UCR): 59.34%
  • Boost: (FdT): 23.9%


  • Edition (UCR): 59%
  • Boost (TF): 24%

School of Medicine

student center

  • New Space (UCR): 74.96%
  • The Torrent (FdT): 11.38%

School of Economics

Student Center:

  • New Space (UCR): 71.91%
  • Economic Project (La Cámpora): 6.39%


  • New Space (UCR): 72.11%
  • Economic Project (La Cámpora): 6.49%

Faculty of Architecture Design and urbanism

student center

  • We are FADU (UCR+JXC): 60.03%
  • FADU Unit (FdT): 26.5%


  • We are FADU (UCR+JXC): 59.97%
  • FADU Unit (FdT): 26.56%

Agronomy faculty

student center

  • LAI: 43.96%
  • LIST 10: 39.98%


  • LAI (Independent Agronomy Line): 44.63%
  • LIST 10: 38.44%

Faculty of Engineering

student center

  • MLI (Independent organization of the Faculty of Engineering of the UBA): 64.8%
  • Engineering x Change: 12.7%


  • ILM: 31.7%
  • Engineering x Change: 12.2%

Faculty of Dentistry


  • AFO (Independent Students of the Faculty of Dentistry): 95.2%
  • V-PAR (The independent alternative in Odonto): 4.4%

Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry

student center

  • Antidote (OP): 38.8%
  • New Space (UCR): 29.5%


  • Antidote (OP) 36.8%
  • New Space (UCR) 30.7%


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