Efsun, cornered after the arrest of Sultan and Salih, in the next chapter of ‘He stole my life’

Efsun is in a very compromised situation. Behind the arrest of Sultan and Salih and the discovery of documents and bundles of money in cash at her house, she’s cornered. She could be the next to end up in police custody. Aware that everything is against her, in the next chapter of ‘He stole my life’, the young woman will rush and She will go to the police station very worried. “Who has denounced us now? Who is behind this?” She will ask herself as she prays that Salih does not say anything that could implicate her and send her back to prison. What Efsun does not imagine is that Ateş, who will suspect that she is doing something illegal, will follow her very closely.

For its part, Arda, after being stabbed by Zeynep’s suitor, will manage to reach the mansion. There you will be attended by the security guard, who will immediately transfer you to the hospital. Will he survive the attack?

Arda is stabbed

Efsun’s victory

Taking advantage of Arda’s appointment as president of the Atahan empire, Efsun makes her entrance on the scene as his wife to the surprise of all those present. The situation is chaotic and Hülya will go crazy before this marriage.

Efsun introduces herself as Arda’s wife to the press

However, it will not be long before he discovers the truth. Faced with the wrath of Mehmet Emir’s sister, Nuran’s family will show him the video in which Arda is seen murdering a man. His mother is cornered. If she wants her son to remain free, she must remain silent and accept Efsun as her daughter-in-law and not confess the reason for her return.

Hülya watches the video of Arda’s crime

However, everyone knows that much more is hidden behind this decision by Arda. The family is convinced that Efsun’s return is the result of a dirty strategy by the young woman. Will they be able to find out what happened?

Hülya lies to protect her son

Mehmet Emir, between life and death

The return of her sister to the mansion has left Bahar very touched and she takes refuge in Mehmet Emir again. Father and daughter are becoming closer. However, when it seems that the relationship between them is resolved and he asks her to cling to her mother, they will suffer another setback. The businessman faints and is admitted to the hospital.

With Mehmet in the intensive care unit, the doctor relays the dramatic medical report to them. “We find a brain tumor about twenty days ago. There are two options. But surgery is a very complicated procedure. The second is to attack the tumor with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Both options have associated risks. They must be prepared for what may come. They must make a decision,” he tells Fulya, Hasret and Bahar, who in this delicate situation takes refuge in his mother. “We will not leave you alone, we will be with you”

Mehmet, between life and death

Hülya fears Sultan’s arrest will land her son in prison

Sultan’s arrest has turned out to be great news for the Atahans, especially Bahar, who jumps at the chance to confront Efsun in hospital. “What happened to your aunt? Do your lies come out?” she tells him wryly.

sultan is arrested

However, not everyone enjoys the moment. Hülya, terrified Fearing that this detention could put his son in prison for murder, try to figure out what is going on while Efsun wonders if she was the one who called the police to rat them out. “How do you think she would do something so stupid? Do you think she would risk exposing my son? What if it is your aunt who denounces my son?”

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Life has once again dealt a heavy blow to the Atahans. With Efsun back in the family, they will now have to face Mehmet Emir’s harsh diagnosis. What will happen? If you want to find out, you can’t miss the next premiere episodes of ‘Me robó mi vida’. From Monday to Thursday at 11:00 p.m., at Divinity.

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