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Like the Separations Museum in Zagreb, where you only see stories of love disintegration, Sweden has a museum of failure. Welcome to the spectacle of the sinking of others! First of all, we realize that even the glorious companies have experienced failures. Who remembers Coca-Cola in coffee, which was a total flop? Or that the toothpaste brand Colgate had launched into frozen lasagna? We should put a frame at the entrance of the museum with the head of the person who had this brilliant idea. We wander between aborted projects and bad inspirations. As much to say it right away, it is the ideal place to cheer up!

It’s a real question, isn’t it? Does the failure of others make us feel good? Does it value our successes? In any case, if we go through a difficult period, we feel less alone. We share our trial and error and this leads to mutual aid. In fact, what feels good is realizing that we can learn a positive lesson from our failures. And much more: failure does not prevent success. It is even necessary to miss surely… to succeed then. Charles Pépin, my columnist colleague at Psychology, wrote a wonderful book precisely on the virtues of failure. So this museum is a way of highlighting the moments in our life when we stumble: they are important in our progress. And it is necessary to face your failures, not to ignore them.

There is a sublime phrase from Winston Churchill: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. » Everything is here ! The ambition we must have is to maintain our will to move forward, at all costs, despite mistakes and failures. Life is a perpetual mess; it is certain that we would succeed much better if we lived it upside down! But this is not the case. So failures train and instruct us, and I sometimes pity those who succeed too quickly. There is a flavor to achieving your dreams when you have been discouraged, when you have gone through phases of dejection.

As far as I am concerned, in my early days I experienced shattering failures and the painful moments of the writer without success. The proof in an anecdote: ten years ago, I had a literary encounter in a Fnac, and there was only one person present in the room! Yes, only one! It was a woman, who said to me, “I forgot my keys, so I can’t go home, and I wander around the store waiting for my husband to come home. This memory, I can put it in a good place in the museum of my failures. It was violent not having anyone to meet him with the public, but I didn’t take it badly. I even found it laughable. As Churchill said, I kept my enthusiasm! And I can even say that failure is a foretaste of the successes to come.


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