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Marie-Agnès has suffered from deep endometriosis since her first period, at the age of 13. Now a volunteer at ENDOmind France, an endometriosis awareness association, she shares tips that she herself has used to manage a crisis that occurs when you are not at home.

An express hot water bottle

When the crisis occurs on public transport, “get out of the subway, find a quiet place to sit and warm your hands between them. Then place them on your stomach, where it hurts. You can also lay them on your lower back.”

A comforting massage

In addition, you can self-massage: “Try to extend your belly, so that you can massage your belly and relax it. Put three fingers on your navel and make bigger and bigger circles clockwise”.

A pause to breathe

Breathing is an important key, reminds the volunteer, “it’s the most complicated but you have to calm down with breathing exercises. You inhale and exhale deeply, and you blow well on the exhale”.

Isolate yourself to relax

When you can isolate yourself in a quiet room, don’t deprive yourself of it: “If you can, do some yoga postures that help you relax and relieve pain, like downward facing dog,” suggests Marie-Agnès.

Provide equipment in strategic locations

As we spend a lot of time at work, it is worth equipping ourselves a little on site. “Personally, I brought a hot water bottle to work,” says Marie-Agnès. And a carpet, to be able to lie down in good conditions. »

Discover all these valuable tips in the video above.

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[VIDÉO] Marie-Agnès has had endometriosis since her first period, when she was 13 years old. The diagnosis having been late, the chronic inflammatory disease had developed well and transformed into deep endometriosis. Now an Endomind volunteer, she testifies to her journey.


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