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Creating handicrafts is a great way to distract your thoughts for a while from the problems of the world around us. Embroidering, painting and crocheting, while they may seem very difficult at first, have the potential to quickly become your favorite anti-stress and calming activities while having a beautiful and artistic effect. What do you need to start your adventure with embroidering, painting and crocheting? We advise.


The beginning of the embroidery adventure fits perfectly into the positive trend related to less waste and slow fashionbecause all you need is a set of needles, hoops for embroidery (hoop), yarns or threads, and old fabrics on which you will train to embroider. You can dig out forgotten T-shirts, unused sheets or tablecloths from the wardrobe and use them as a base for embroidering various patterns. Practicing embroidery usually takes some time and requires a lot of patience, but the results are definitely worth it. Many girls have recently managed to open their embroidery businesses (e.g. on second-hand and second-hand clothes), so who knows – maybe you will join them in some time?

You can find the five embroidery hoops here:

Embroidering and coming up with various patterns allows you to calm down, spend your free time in concentration and mindfulness, as well as rest from the stressful reality. Only you, a tab, a piece of cloth, needles and threads. Such a basic set offers endless possibilities for creation, and the results will depend solely on your commitment, ideas and time devoted to study.

You can find sets of colored embroidery yarns here:


You do not need to be a painting graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts or have completed professional courses to be able to enjoy creating pictures with paints and brushes. If you are a person who often experiences stress and is not able to fully rest – it is worth considering pouring your thoughts onto canvas or paper with a wide range of colorful paints. For people who do not have any experience with painting, we recommend ready-made contour pictures (resembling coloring books for children), which can be filled with the colors and techniques of your choice.

An example of an outline picture for painting can be found here:

You don’t need much to start your painting adventure – all you need is paints, brushes and material on which you will realize your creative fantasies. It can be a plain sheet of paper, canvas and even textiles. If you want to think as little as possible, start by recreating and repainting graphics that you already know and like. The created works can hang in your room or you can give them to loved ones as a gift.

Basic painting accessories can be found here:


In the past, crocheting was done by almost every mother and grandmother, and now this creative activity is experiencing its renaissance and has become incredibly fashionable. Not without a reason! Braiding loops and repetitive movements can bring spectacular effects – crocheted tops, bags or various items of clothing will be an original addition to your stylizations in the spring and summer season. There are many instructions and video tutorials on the internet that will guide you through the process step by step in a clear and understandable way.

You can find a set of twelve crochet hooks here:

Once you’ve got some crochet practice into it, you’ll be able to sit on the couch for hours and watch the latest episodes of this addictive series while knitting a little piece of art. Quite monotonous handicraft, which is crocheting, allows you to calm down, de-stress and chase away unpleasant thoughts related to everyday life. Note: Looping is highly addictive, before you know it, you won’t be able to part with a piece of yarn and your favorite crochet hook.

You can find the different colors of yarns here:

More accessories to help you spend your free time creatively can be found here:

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