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vox responded this Wednesday to General Secretary of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, which this Tuesday pointed out that Andalusia “does not deserve a Government with Vox on the Board.” The Andalusian leader of Vox, Manuel Gavirahas replied that those who “deserve” the “cordon sanitaire» in the community are the socialists, whom he has cataloged as «chorizos».

“That cordon sanitaire” that the PSOE-A “is proposing to other Andalusian parties” so that they apply it to Vox is the one that should separate the socialists from the Board, because “the cords” should be “for the sausagesfor whom has cheated, embezzled and prevaricated in Andalusia”, Gavira defended in a week in which, precisely, mayors and parliamentarians socialists have been parading through the courts of the community, in addition to other senior officials of the PSOE-A that the Justice has ordered to investigate. All this in the last three days.

In a press conference in Parliament, Gavira recalled the Bell started weeks ago by Vox Andalucía under the slogan ‘return what was stolen‘, serigraphed on a bus that has been put into circulation by the Andalusian municipalities to denounce the corruption inherent in the previous socialist governments of the Junta.

The Vox spokesman has warned that this issue of corruption “does not only affect the past”, but that it continues to be “up to date” and is “present pure and simple”, due to news that continues to be published in recent days on cases «all of them linked to the PSOE», a party that for this reason, as it has remarked, «is not legitimate to tell anyone who they have to agree with.

Along the same lines, he has recommended the socialist Swords, “who has Vox on his lips a lot lately”, that he “dedicate himself to cleaning his house, because every day he has a new scandal in the media.”

Similarly, the representative of Vox has drawn attention and has indicated that he is “very surprised” that the President of the Junta de Andalucía and the PP-A, Juanma Moreno«believes that there are spaces for dialogue with the PSOE», because, with this, it implies that it prefers «corruption or socialist policies to the commitments» that appeared in the investiture pact signed by PP-A and Vox at the beginning of the legislature, or in the three budget agreements reached between the Andalusian Government of PP-A and Ciudadanos (Cs) with Vox since 2019 and which provided Andalusia with “certain stability”.

‘Plugs’ in the Faffe

Similarly, the Vox spokesman has once again drawn attention to “what the Government of Andalusia intends in relation to the employees of the extinct Andalusian Foundation Training and Employment Fund (Faffe) that were absorbed by the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE)».

As he has abounded, “in recent days a document has been released from the Employment Department issued by the SAE where, in some way, the Andalusian Government intends to keep forever these personnel who left the Faffe, from the nest of Plug of the buddies, and ended up in the SAE».

In this regard, Gavira has highlighted that «only 23% of SAE employees are civil servantsthe rest comes from other entities”, and only “just over 3% of the contracts made in Andalusia go through the mediation service” of said agency linked to the Ministry of Employment.

After emphasizing that the report that has been released from the SAE «intends to keep this staff forever by providing them in some way with a certain official status», has remarked that «this is what we criticize the Andalusian Government», that «they say one thing and do another, they have criticized corruption but they are not capable of taking the appropriate measures to solve this problem of those plugged in Andalusia».

In the same way, he has drawn attention to the “summary document” of the conclusions of the Faffe investigation commission where, on the part of the presidency of the same – which is occupied by the parliamentarian of Cs Enrique Moreno – “it is recognized that the new one Andalusian Civil Service Lawex officio, has to recognize all former Faffe workers subrogated in the SAE the condition of indefinite not fixed to avoid unnecessary judicial conflict.

“And the PP, the other leg of the Government” Andalusian, “has asked to reactivate the union negotiations to carry out a homogenization of the working conditions of this personnel”, Gavira pointed out, also criticizing that neither PP-A nor Cs “are willing to do what they criticized when they were opposition”, and “they are preparing the mattress in some way to these plugged in whitewashing what the PSOE did in its unfortunate years of government for Andalusia ».

«Energy and food sovereignty»

Finally, Manuel Gavira has also referred in his press conference to the mobilizations promoted by Vox and the Solidarity union to take to the streets of Spanish municipalities this coming Saturday, March 19to “protest the indecent rise” in prices that citizens are suffering in relation to energy, gas, fuels, “basic supplies”, and to demand that Spain be “energetic sovereign” and in terms of food.

“We would like the Government of Pedro Sanchezwhich is impoverishing the Spanish, were to leave, but since it is not possible” at the moment, “we are going to try to somehow adopt the necessary measures that it must adopt,” reasoned the Vox spokesman, who has influenced that “ it is very important that Spain is sovereign in energy», and that «the State must put all its capacity at the service of the needs of the Spanish», something that «unfortunately is not being seen», he lamented.

In addition, Gavira wanted to make it clear that Vox “is not anti-European”, but rather intends that “the nations of the European Union be protagonists”, and that Spanish sectors such as agriculture or livestock can “maximize their productive capacity”. Along the same lines, he stressed that next Sunday, March 20, another “very important” demonstration of the Spanish primary sector will be called in Madrid, which will include representatives of the Andalusian sector.


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