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The catalog of Crunchyroll It comes loaded with many anime series that can be seen in simulcast while the season is broadcast in Japan, most of them in the original version with subtitles, but from the platform they are also betting on dubbing in English or Spanish.

Right now there are several types of membership within the streaming platform, including a type of free useralthough the content that can be accessed is very limited and there is mandatory advertising within the player.

Within the premium memberships there are two types of rates: the FAN and the MEGA-FAN. The most basic one costs €4.99 per month and removes ads, gives unlimited access to the platform and simulcast episodes are broadcast one hour later than in Japan. The MEGA-FAN rate costs €6.49 per month and has these same benefits, but allows you to watch Crunchyroll on 4 devices at the same time and also offline viewing. Both premium rates have a 14-day free trial and there is also an annual plan for the MEGA-FAN membership for €64.99 per year, which represents a 16% discount on the equivalent of one year of paying this same rate monthly.

The juiciest thing about these rates is the possibility of seeing the new chapters as soon as possible and that is that the autumn and winter season has brought us several very juicy novelties in addition to the great series of the moment that continue their journey.

‘Attack on Titan’ (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’)

Attack the titans

We have to start with one of the star series of the moment, especially since the end of ‘Attack on Titan’ (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’) it is very close. The final season of the anime is broadcast in Japanese with English subtitles. a new chapter every sunday.

‘Attack the titans’ It shows us a world shaken by war conflicts, in which the last surviving humans live in a territory surrounded by high walls to protect themselves from creatures known as Titans.Eren, Mikasa and Armin They join the army to fight these monsters, but soon discover that the world is not what they have always believed.

‘Night Watch: Kimetsu no Yaiba’

Guardians of the night

We continue with another of the series of the moment, and that is that despite its short life ‘Guardians of the night'(‘Kimetsu no Yaiba‘) has become a mass phenomenon and ‘Night Watch: Infinity Train’ has dethroned ‘Your name’ as the highest grossing anime film in history.

This anime follows Tanjirou Kamadoa teenager who wants to become a demon hunter after his entire family has been killed and his little sister nezuko has become a demon.

The second season of ‘Guardians of the night’ It just ended just a month ago, being one of the strongest premieres of the 2021-2022 season. From Crunchyroll you can see both the Infinity Train Arc and the Pleasure Quarter Arc in Japanese with subtitles, and it is also starting to air with the English dub.

‘Ranking of Kings’

Ranking Of Kings

Coming finally to the news, we find that ‘Ranking of Kings‘ is one of the big surprises of the season and also one of the most interesting series.

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With a visual style somewhere between classic Japanese RPGs and Studio Ghibli movies, ‘Ranking of Kings’ It is the story of a prince named Boji. Bojji is deaf and dumb and very innocent, and despite the fact that many oppose him taking the throne, he tries to follow his dreams and become the best of kings.

‘My Dress-Up Darling’

My Dress Up Darling

‘My Dress-Up Darling’(‘Sono Bisuku Dōru wa Koi o Suru’) is one of the star series this season, and has even managed to measure itself in popularity with ‘Attack on Titan’ and ‘Night Watch’.

This romantic comedy is the story of Wakana Gojoa high school student who dreams of becoming a master craftsman of traditional dolls, When Marin Kitagawaone of the most popular girls in class, sees him making outfits for her dolls, asks him to help her cosplay her favorite character.


anime image 86

If you like them mecha and sci-fi animeit’s time to get on the cart ’86 EIGHTY-SIX’since its last chapter opens on Sunday, March 20.

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Based on the Asato Asato light novels illustrated by Shirabii,’86 EIGHTY-SIX’ We are transported by the Republic of Saint Magnolia, who has developed a legion of autonomous drones to measure themselves against those of their enemies, the Giad Empire.

However, these drones are actually manned by humans: the inhabitants of sector 86, who are considered the remains of society and hardly have any rights.

‘Akebi’s Sailor Uniform’

Akebi S Sailor Uniform

We continue with another of the novelties of this year and that continue in full broadcast.’Akebi’s Sailor Uniform‘ (‘Akebi-chan no Sērāfuku’) is a “slice of life” on Komichi Akebi, who is obsessed with a sailor uniform from Robai Private Academy. When she is finally accepted into the school, her dream of being able to wear this suit and live all the experiences she has always dreamed of is closer to her every day.

But when Komichi arrives at his new school, he is terribly disappointed: the Academy has renewed its uniforms and left behind the classic sailor outfit.

‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’

Blade Runner Black Lotus

‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’ has been one of the most ambitious bets of Crunchyroll with this co-production with Adult Swim to expand the universe of ‘Blade Runner’. This series with CGI animation keep blowing up the world cyberpunk of the films and is set 10 years after the events of the anime short ‘Blade Runner Black Out 2022’.

In the Los Angeles of 2032, a young replicant with no memories named she has lethal abilities and tries to discover his lost identity. The only clues she has to those responsible for her tragic past and who he is are a memory device she can’t access and a black lotus tattoo on his right shoulder.

‘Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon’


‘Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon’ is the direct sequel to ‘Inuyasha’, the series based on the work of the legendary Rumiko Takahashi. ‘Yashahime’ takes place years after the original series and in this case focuses on Towa Higurashi and Setsunathe twin daughters of Seshomaru, and Morohathe daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome, who join in an adventure to try to recover Setsuna’s lost memories.

The sequel anime brings back many characters and mythology from the original story, showing us a new generation of adventurers who embark on a long journey to protect seven legendary jewels. ‘Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon’ It already has two seasons, with the last chapters of the second about to be broadcast.

‘Salaryman’s Club’

Salaryman S Club

This is one of the most recent novelties of the season, since it began to be broadcast at the end of January. ‘Salaryman’s Club‘ At first it seems like a “slice of life” about a group of office workers, but in reality it’s a sports anime with an extra twist, very goofy and with the best touches of a good spokon.

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mikoto shiratori is an ace of badminton who can predict the moves of his rivals. After losing his job, he is hired by a new soda company to play on the company team.


one piece

This is the extra that could not be missing, and that is that Crunchyroll has finally caught up with ‘One Piece’ and has included its over 1000 episodes within its streaming service, part with the dubbing in Spanish and part in Japanese with subtitles.

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Long-running anime series catches up with broadcast in Japan, with final chapter airing on March 6 available on the platform. The ‘One Piece’ anime is still immersed in the Wano Arc and it is expected that when he returns from his short hiatus they will continue to be broadcast as before.


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