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“The moment of truth has come, Mr. Casado,” said Pedro Sánchez after the elections in Castilla y León. What was the truth of this hour? The one that the voters expressed at the polls and has been confirmed in the following weeks. A horrible result for Ciudadanos, doomed to disappear fifteen years after it was founded by Albert Rivera. A very poor result for Podemos, who lost half of his squalid representation. A depressing result for the PSOE, which suffers a serious stroke in a vital organ: its historical network of seismographs, affiliates and representatives in each of the municipalities of Spain.

And for the PP? Well, it is already known, and the late Casado knows it better than anyone, who dreamed of those elections as a catapult to Moncloa: the PP has made bread like some cakes and has been yoked to the yoke (and arrows) of an organization where the most rancid Francoism coexists with the fiercest populism. The European democratic right has made its astonishment. As much as the nascent leader, Feijóo, shelters himself in a puerile “I have not been” and points out the PSOE as the culprit (an approach as surreal as blaming the PP for the pact between the PSOE and Podemos) and as much as Mañueco is proud of what he has done, as if it were the return home of the prodigal son, this pairing is difficult to digest in a Europe united, more than ever, in the defense of democratic values.

The truth of the hour is that this pact can create problems not only for the PP, but for the coexistence system itself. And another truth, already put: Feijóo seems prone to that evil of the century that is demagoguery fake. When he says that “the government is lining up with the increase in electricity and gasoline” he forgets a third truth, with biblical resonances: whoever sows winds reaps storms.


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