The war between Ukraine and Russia continues in its most critical moments. In Spain, the consequences of this conflict are being experienced, which have a direct impact on the prices of electricity and gasoline on a day-to-day basis. The weapons that both sides are using are determining the conflict, and Russia could be using a type of special technology that is wreaking real havoc on the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses: decoy dart missiles.

[Siga en directo la última hora del ataque de Rusia a Ucrania]

According to the dailymail, US intelligence services would have detected a new Russian military weaponry that is incredibly effective against these defenses. These “decoy darts”, launched with Iskander-M missiles, have devices that produce radio signals to mislead these ground forces and thus hit safely.

A technology that Russia would have refused to export to other countries due to the risk that they would disable said weapons by performing reverse engineering. Russia is believed to be launching this type of missile from mobile rocket launchers located in Russia and Belarus.

Missiles “decoy dart”

These devices measure approximately 30 centimeters and are shaped like a dart, hence their name. They are white, with an orange tail, and are launched with Iskander-M ballistic missiles. These devices are launched when the missile detects that it has been attacked or detected by Ukrainian air defense systems.

The idea is simple: each of these “darts” produce radio signals interfering with Ukrainian radars that attempt to attack the previously launched Iskander-M. They are equipped with a heat source that attracts incoming missiles. All these details have been described by an intelligence officer totally anonymous from the United States.

A weapon that has started to appear in certain publications and was originally thought to be cluster devices, as they are similar in size and shape. Since there are no records or documents that corroborate the use of these systems in the Iskander-M missiles, the version that Russia has not exported this type of weaponry is corroborated.

Soldier holding one of these “decoy darts”

Some statements collected by the The New York Times, endorse the mystery around this type of ammunition. This is the case of Richard Steves, a veteran of the United Kingdom army and a specialist in disarming explosive devices, who assured never have seen anything similar to this. However, the fact that this type of weaponry has been used at this time could be a security breach for this type of weaponry.

These Iskander-M missiles have a range up to 500 kilometers and they have a warhead capable of destroying large buildings and even reinforced fortifications. It is estimated that the missile launchers that are using them have a capacity of 2 missiles per reload and are spread across Belarus and Russia. According to experts, Ukraine had been having trouble intercepting attacks on the capital that Russia has been carrying out in recent days.

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