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At least a dozen people queuing to buy bread in Chernigov, northern Ukraine, have died after allegedly being hit by a Russian missileas can be seen in a video that has gone viral on social media. The US embassy in the country’s capital, kyiv, attributes this attack to forces deployed by the Kremlin.

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“Today, Russian forces have shot and killed 10 people queuing to buy bread in Chernigov. These horrific attacks must be stopped. We are studying all available options to ensure accountability for any heinous crimes in Ukraine,” the diplomatic mission tweeted.

The anti-aircraft sirens sounded again at dawn in several Ukrainian cities on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday to indicate to the population that they should take refuge from possible bombings.

The population has been confined to shelters in the Cherkassy, ​​Dnipro, Lviv, kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Kirovograd and Khmelnytskyi regions, as well as in the cities of kyiv, Izium, Kremenchuk, Bila Tserkva, Nikopol, Mikolaiv, Izmail, Poltava and the Kryve Ozero area, as reported by the ‘kyiv Independent’.

According to the US network CNN, his team on the ground has heard loud explosions in the suburbs of the Ukrainian capital, kyiv.

During the twentieth night of war, the Russian offensive continues and thousands of civilians have had to take shelter from bombing in bunkers in various areas of Ukraine.

The agreement between Russia and Ukraine, closer according to the Kremlin

Despite the attacks produced in recent hours by Russian troops, the country’s foreign minister, Seguei Lavrov, assured this Wednesday that “it is close” to obtaining an agreement between the parties to the conflict on security guarantees with Ukraine.

“There are a number of formulations of the agreements with Ukraine on the status of neutrality and security guarantees that are about to be achieved,” Lavrov stated, the Russian Interfax agency reported.

Lavrov stressed this Wednesday that the talks “are not easy”, although he has expressed his hope that an agreement can be reached between Russia and Ukraine to end the war, unleashed on February 24 by the invasion order given by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.


“I focus on the reports that our negotiators give us. They say that the negotiations are not easy, for obvious reasons, but there is some hope of reaching a compromise,” the minister said in an interview with the Russian television channel RBC TV.

Thus, he has argued that “some representatives of the Ukrainian delegation have given the same estimate” and has highlighted that the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, “made some interesting statements not long ago”, as reported by the Russian news agency interface.

Lavrov has stated that Zelensky recently stated that the positions of both sides are “more realistic”. “It is a more realistic statement by Zelensky about what is going on, because before that he had made a series of quite confrontational statements,” he explained.

In this sense, he has emphasized that Moscow is open to maintaining new contacts with its Ukrainian counterpart, Dimitro Kuleba, although always focused on objectives. “We had a good talk. We are prepared for other contacts in the future, but it is desirable to understand the added value of these contacts (…) and how these proposals to create and organize new channels of interaction are related to the functioning of a sustainable negotiation process”, he said, referring to contacts in Belarus.

The Russian Foreign Minister has also regretted that Kuleba “did not present new ideas” during the trilateral contact held last week in Turkey, in which his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, was present. “After an hour and a half of meeting (…) and despite the fact that I remembered on three or four occasions that I wanted to hear something that was not in the public sphere, he did not present new ideas,” he revealed.

For this reason, he has asked to give the negotiating teams “an opportunity to work in a more relaxed atmosphere, without fomenting hysteria”, before highlighting that NATO’s position regarding the conflict has also changed Zelensky’s perspectives and speech.

“We remember that until a few weeks ago Zelensky was talking about a no-fly zone, fighting for Ukraine, recruiting mercenaries and sending them to the front,” he said. “The reaction of the Atlantic Alliance, in which there are still sane people, has cooled this ardor,” said Lavrov, who however criticized the fact that Western countries did not want to resolve the crisis peacefully.

On the other hand, it has shown Moscow’s willingness to coordinate an agreement between Russia and Ukraine on the deployment of weapons that do not pose a threat to Russia’s security. “We must not forget the demilitarization (of Ukraine). There can be no weapons in Ukraine that pose a threat to Russia. We are prepared to coordinate the type of weapons that are not, ”she has said.

Thus, he stressed that this issue must be resolved outside of Ukraine’s entry into NATO. “Even without being a member of NATO, the United States or anyone else can deliver weapons to Ukraine bilaterally,” he stressed, as reported by the Russian news agency TASS.

Lavrov has also stated that Moscow “does not see any interest on the part of the United States for this conflict to be resolved as soon as possible.” “The United States plays a decisive role in determining the position of the authorities in kyiv. For years they have been represented in the corridors of power in kyiv, including the security forces and the leadership of the Army, ”he has reviewed.

Finally, he pointed out that the situation “is crucial” and argued that “it reflects the battle, in the broadest sense of this word, to shape the world order”, while reiterating Russia’s willingness to reach an agreement on security in Europe that does not include a further expansion of NATO.

“We are willing to seek ways to guarantee security, both the security of Russia and Ukraine and of the countries of Europe, but as long as it is not through the expansion of NATO to the east”, the minister has settled, as and as the Russian news agencies have picked up.


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