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Sinaloa.- Return to normality without the obligation to use the mask to enter shops, restaurants or work, is the new bet of the state governor, Rubén Rocha Moya.

Two years after the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the reduction of infectionsthe president has ensured that the The decision will be made in conjunction with the state Health area, however, specialists interviewed by Debate anticipate that it is a very risky idea especially everything related to closed spaces, which prevent a safe flow of air.

“If it were in open places, there are more considerations; in closed places it is still not very convenient”, pointed out Jaime Bustos Martínez, an expert in microbiology and molecular biology. Meanwhile, Juan Francisco Contreras Cordero, a specialist in virology, pointed out that in the event that Sinaloa implements this measure, Citizens have to continue to take care of themselves.


According to the epidemiological traffic light of the federal Ministry of Health, 31 states in Mexico are at a green traffic light, including Sinaloa. In the opinion of Bustos Martínez, these indicators are still somewhat misleading and are used for other interests.

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“The only thing the traffic lights are telling us is that there is a decrease in infections. The that we have a green traffic light does not mean that there are no infectionsand that is something that has to be clear, there are still infections, there are still deaths”, he emphasized.

He insisted that the fact that a state says it is green does not mean that the pandemic is over, and added that it should be considered that there are still infections and deaths.

For his part, Juan Francisco Contreras Cordero, an expert in virology and an academic, said that in closed places it has been clearly shown that The face mask helps a lot not only to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but also for the other circulating viruses.

“In closed places it is important to continue wearing face masks,” he agreed. Until March 15, there are 17,544 active cases throughout the country and 500 in Sinaloa.

Open spaces

The expert in microbiology and molecular biology, Jaime Bustos Martínez, considers that the panorama changes if it were to eliminate the use of face masks in open spaces because there is more air flow.

“If I am in the park, in the forest, there is no problem; but if I go to a shopping center, to an establishment where there are many people, then I do have to continue taking care of myself, ”she said.

Another case is the state of Nuevo León, where the mandatory use of face masks in open places was withdrawn, arguing, in the same way, the reduction of cases, Contreras Cordero recalled. Given this scenario, he points out that even when these types of recommendations are given by the authorities, the population in general must continue to take care of themselves.

“The virus is transmitted in a very easy way when there are a large number of people, so outdoors it can be positive that people do not have the maskit is true, but these same people you have to be careful in crowded places”, he warned. He acknowledged that at some point the mask has to be removed, but right now, she maintained, it is not convenient.

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It should be noted that countries such as France announced the end of the mandatory mask in practically all places, except public transport, trains, planes, hospitals or nursing homes. In the United States, other states such as Nevada, Utah, California and Florida joined.


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