Santiago Abascal has shied away from debate with Pedro Sanchez. He has exhausted his time in the first intervention, without saving a single second to cross-examine the President of the Government after listening to him. The leader of Vox has defined the Executive as “a factory of misery”, just like the socialist “ideology”.

Sánchez, for his part, has been confident: “Europe will prevail. Salvini, Le Penyou and Putin they will not get away with it.” The leader of the PSOE has tried to delve into the wound of Vox, who hesitated when it came to taking sides against the head of Russia.

Abascal’s political family in Europe is made up of national-populist parties that flirted with Putin years ago. See Salvini, booed in Poland for this reason; or Le Pen, who was forced to destroy a mountain of electoral posters in which she exhibited her collusion with the Russian.

“Do you know what Putin would like for Europe? For discouragement to spread, for society to divide. For there to be demonstrations like the ones you sponsor against governments that, precisely, oppose your war,” Sánchez replied.

Once his party was placed against Putin –he took advantage of his good relationship with the Polish government, led by a party similar to Vox and a great opponent of Russia–, Abascal has always condemned the invasion of Ukraine. However, it does not share the way in which Europe is rowing against it.

In fact, this Wednesday in Congress, he has ridiculed the role of Sánchez and other European leaders. “Macron he is very affectionate about you”, he scoffed at the hugs that the Frenchman gave the Spanish at the Versailles summit. “He has managed to meet his Canadian photocopy”, he later added in reference to the meeting of both leaders in latvia.

The radical right has already communicated in Congress that it will not participate in any of the meetings offered by Moncloa to seek “an economic response” to the crisis caused by Putin’s invasion.

“Stop doing the essential where no one misses you. What do you do? Absolutely nothing. Crumbs and lies. They have laughed at us, at the producers, at the ranchers. They have criminalized diesel, nuclear energy, fracking and they have imposed green fundamentalism, which is leading the middle classes to ruin,” Abascal criticized.

Sánchez celebrated that Europe is “united against Putin and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.” Later, he concluded: “If you had any government responsibility in Spain, it would be the death of Europe”.

Taxes and ministries

Abascal, in his five minutes of intervention, has demanded that Sánchez “change radically”. And that change, in the eyes of the Vox candidate, should go through “the temporary reduction of taxes on essential goods” and the “closure of the insulting ministry of Mrs. Huntsman“.

In that same line he had expressed himself a while before Cuca Gamarra. The former mayor of Logroño, who has relieved Married In the control sessions, he has asked Sánchez to “set an example” and “tighten his belt”.

And how does that translate? “With an immediate reduction in taxes. For example, the VAT on gasoline, from 21% to 4%. With the cut in the special rate on hydrocarbons. And with the elimination of ministries,” Gamarra asserted.

According to the popular spokesperson, this has already happened in countries like France, Portugal, Poland and Ireland. “Set an example as well. Ask for sacrifices from the watchtower of the most expensive government. With three vice-presidencies and twenty-two ministries. Your senior positions and advisers cost us 108 million more a year since you arrived in Moncloa. It is immoral. Before asking for deprivation to the Spaniards, eliminate electoralist, populist and unproductive spending”.

Sánchez has already announced a tax cut for the duration of the war. However, he has not detailed how and when it will take effect. The President of the Government, in his response to Gamarra, has placed the project on March 29, when the “economic response to this crisis” will be studied with the rest of the parties.

“Spanish society is supporting the European Union’s response to Putin’s aggression. I ask that we carry out an exercise in European patriotism and live up to it,” Sánchez replied.


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